The Hulk
Hulk Worlds Collide
Universe Marvel
Availability Starter
Weight Class Very Heavy
Final Smash Gamma Quake, Hulk Smash, Gamma Crush
Tier B (25)
The Hulk is a playable character in Worlds Collide. his apperance is based off on his Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Form.


While in human form, Bruce Banner is a scrawny, weak looking individual. He has brown hair and wears large glasses. When angered, he transforms into the Hulk. The Hulk is a large, green creature with absurdly large muscles. He is usually wearing only ripped, purple shorts, but he has been seen in comics wearing a torn labcoat also. There are other versions than just the normal green Hulk; there is a Red Hulk, Gray Hulk and so on. In Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Hulk's costumes include a lighter-green version of him wearing lighter-purple ripped shorts (derived from the classic version of Hulk), the Gray Hulk wearing blue shorts, the Red Hulk wearing black shorts, an olive green-looking Hulk with glowing orange veins and faded purple pants, the black-spotted Blue Hulk wearing white shorts and a Planet Hulk attired-Hulk with a lot of armor.

Changes from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to Worlds CollideEdit

  • Hulk has more range of his attacks
  • Hulk can run faster, being the first very heavy character to run fast.


These are Hulk's moveset as of right now

Name Damage Control Description
Neutral Attack A Button, A Button, A Button
Forward Tilt A Button Side Tilt/Side Tilt 2
Up Tilt A Button, Up Tilt
Down Tilt A Button, Down Tilt
Dash Attack A Button
Side Smash A Button, Smash
Up Smash A Button, Up Smash
Down Smash A Button, Down Smash
Neutral Ariel A Button 
Forward Ariel A Button, Side Tilt
Back Ariel A Button, Side Tilt 2
Up Ariel A Button, Up Tilt
Down Ariel A Button, Down Tilt
Grab Z Button
Pummel Z Button
Forward Throw Smash
Back Throw Back Smash
Up Throw Up Smash
Down Throw Down Smash
Floor Attack (Front) A Button
Floor Attack (Back) A Button
Floor Attack (Trip) A Button
Edge Attack (fast) A Button
Edge Attack (Slow) A Button
Neutral special B Button
Side special B Button, Smash
Up special B Button, Up Smash
Down special B Button, Down Smash
Final Smash #1 Gamma Quake 50% B Button Hulk says "You WEAK!", then he smashes the ground with his fist and says "GAMMA QUAKE!" as rocks come down and hit the opponents.
Final Smash #2 Hulk Smash 100% B Button Hulk will raise up his fists & slam it down, if a Opponent made Contack with it they will be flown fast away
Final Smash #3 Gamma Crush 150% B Button Hulk says "SMASH YOU!", crouches down, and then launches himself upward at an angle off-screen while saying "GAMMA CRUSH!", then reappears clutching a burning meteor, bringing it down on an opponent.

In Competitive PlayEdit

Palette SwapsEdit