Super Smash Bros. Ultimate RP
Developer(s) RedHero14 Developing Group
Publisher(s) "RedHero14 Productions"
Genre(s) Fighting Game
Mode(s) Single-Player, Multi-Player, Online
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS
System requirements Gamecube Controller, 3DS Controller

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate RP (大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ究極のRP, Dai rantō sumasshuburazāzu kyūkyoku no RP) is a RP game based off of characters from each fan-made & themselves in the game, this game is starting it's development by RedHero14 Productions and the RedHero14 Development Team. this will feature more Fan Characters than some of the Original characters. Most Characters come from Facebook,DeviantART and Tumblr.

Menu ThemesEdit


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate RP's gameplay is very similar to the official Super Smash Bros. games. Unlike most traditional fighting games, a character's health is measured by a damage percentage counter. As the character is attacked, damage accumulates, and the percent value increases. The higher the percentage, the easier it is for a character to be knocked off the stage. The main controls are on the Controller, A to attack, B to special/final smash, X/Y are jumping, Z is to grab & L and R is shielding. Matches can be played in either Time mode, Stock mode, or a combination of the two. In Time mode, each player receives a point when they KO an opponent, and loses a point if they are KO'd, or if they self-destruct. At the end of the designated time limit, the player with the most points wins. Should two or more players accumulate the same amount of points, there will be a Sudden Death match to determine the winner. In Stock mode, each player is given a chosen amount of lives, and every time they are KO'd or self-destruct, they lose a life. When a player loses all of their lives, they are "defeated," and the match concludes when there is only one player left standing.

Playable CharactersEdit

The characters are the fighters that brawl in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate RP, representing the universe in which they belong. Each character has a number of special attacks, standard attacks and a unique special move called a Final Smash. This list is a compilation of the characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate RP that have been confirmed to appear as playable characters, these are listed right here.


Character Name Universe Description Character's Official Theme OC Made by
Baxter Ewers SSBRP
Baxter Ewers MagiQuestBaxter Ewers is the main protagonist of the MagiQuest series and the Master Magi of the series. Baxter is a well-balanced type character with good combos & a great smash attacking lunatic.War at Gotham/Batman vs. Bane

Baxter Ewers on FB

Made himself in real life


Desi De La O SSBRP
Desi De La OSonicDesi De La O is a Sonic-Fanmade Character and a protagonist in the sonic series. Desi is a Snow cat with various abilities and Ice related attacks. Unknown. Desi De La O on FB
Normal (Transparent)
Lloyd Drako Tokyo Mew MewLloyd Drako is a Tokyo Mew Mew Fanmade Character and a Protagonist. He lived in the age of the Apocalypse most of his life but eventually time traveled to Tokyo of 2013. He later found out he was a Mew Mew and now he's joined the Brawl.Dark Impetus Kingdom HeartsXavierBronyXIII
Mario Segali
Mario SegaliMarioMario Segali is a clone of the Original Mario except it has a last name.Unknown.None, name of a person on FB
Rebecca Rebecca
Rebecca The HedgehogRayRebecca the Hedgehog is the girlfriend of Ray the Hedgehog (A.K.A. Ray Half Robo Hog) and a Protagonist in the Ray series. Rebecca is a speed character with a fast dash attack.Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
Nicolas Mejia
Nicolas MejiaSuper NicolasNicolas is the main protagonist in the Spin-Off Baxter series, Super Nicolas Bros. Nicolas is a well-balanced character with every move he has.Unknown.Nicolas Mejia
Zoe Hanson
Zoe HansonTokyo Mew MewDescription will be added sooner or later ~XavierBronyUnknown.Amber Wells on FB
Mew Dust Render (Transparent)
Mew Dust/ Dustin WhiteTokyo Mew MewDustin is a kind hearted warrior with an insane side. You tick him off and he'll be mean to nearly everyone, even his closest friends. He dual wields two keyblades of his own design, Elemental Wind and Lightguard.Mystic Gohan Powers Up ThemeXavierBronyXIII
Older Tails Prower
Older Tails ProwerSonicOlder Tails Prower is Miles "Tails" Prower when at the age around the 20's. All of Tails' moveset are based off on Super Smash Flash 2 but the Final Smash was switched to Super Tails.Unknown.Miles Tails Prower on FB
AcusSonicAcus is a party animal wolf/fox creature that switches out with Desi during battle in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate RP. Acus is a speedy character with multiple slashing & powerful smash attacks.Unknown.Desi De La O on FB
Link Cortez
Link CortezSuper NicolasLink Cortez is the younger and shy brother of Nicolas Minaj. Link is a semi-clone of Nicolas except some of his own moves.Unknown.Nicolas Mejia on FB
MegaManMega ManMegaMan is a character that was born from Dr. Light and is the main protagonist in the Mega Man Franchise. Mega man usually acts like himself from Facebook, however he has force of justice to fight to save the world.Title (Mega Man 2)None, was made by a person
Faith Wagner
Faith WagnerEarthDescription comming soon.Unknown.Faith Wagner on FB
Xavier Drakor
Xavier DrakorMy Little PonyXavier is a time traveler from the era of the apocalypse who happens to have made a keyblade based on his love for time spells. He is very kind but is easily angered, also the cause of him being slightly protective (Yeah.. "Slightly"... Let's go with that.). Though he may screw up a lot, he always means well and his kind heart and abilities make up for his mistakes. His lightning fast actions make it hard for his foes to react.Lightning BattleXavierBronyXIII
GumballCat FighterGumball is a America Curl Cat Warrior who's claws are really dangerous when in battle. Gumball posses a lot of Clawing in combat like his side smash is him slapping really hard with his claws.Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
CosmicpoolWarriorsCosmicpool is a Warrior who has a twoleg form. Though is afraid about other warriors finding out about her human form so in her human form, she took the identity of the Black Star, an insanely amazing archer. She hasn't had her identity found out yet.Unknown.XavierBronyXIII
Artemis Gale
Artemis GaleSuper NicolasPrincess Artemis is the princess in the Super Baxter spin-Off, Super Nicolas.Unknown.Nicolas Mejia on FB
Mario Flame
Mario FlameMarioMario Flame is somewhat another Mario in this game, however his moves are all of the Pheonix Mario hack in SSBB.Unknown.None, made by a person on FB
Xander Drake
Xander Drake SonicXander Drake is the Prince of Fire and one of the 7 Elemental Guardians. He wields the Fire Blade and can redirect fire based attacks right at the user using his abilities.Through the Fire - Crush 40XavierBronyXIII
Matthew West
Matthew WestMy Little Pony/Harry PotterMatthew West is a brony member of the MLP universe and a lost Hogwart who became the first Ginger of the Harry Potter Universe.Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB, made it for the game (RedHero14)
Christian Rice
Christian RiceChristianChristian is a 16 year old protagonist who runs super speed and agility. Christian is considered to be one of the speedy characters in the game, despite his KO power not being that strong, he must however keep it fresh to KO his opponents.Unknown.

Christian Rice on FB

Made himself in real life

BaxstarSonicBaxstar is a white hedgehog who supposedly to be a OC made by Desi De La O who gave it to Baxter Ewers. She is supposedly a Female-Hedgehog version of her male Counterpart himself, her moves are basically fire but with some other type of moves non-fire based.Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
DenisusureidoMagiQuestDenisusureido is a princess/goddess of MagiQuest who watches over the world from harm of Charlock the Dragon. Denisusureido is alittle bit of a Palutena Clone but isn't for sure. She somehow looks like her alittle bit.Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
Ray Half Robo Hog
Ray Half Robo HogRayRay is a supreme swordsmen who is the main protagonist in the Ray The Hedgehog Universe.Unknown.Ray Half Robo Hog on FB (Former)
Rayia The Hedgehog
Rayia The HedgehogRayRayia is supposinly to be a Female Ray but is a separate character, she had first appeared after Ray had aten the Babe Mushroom to transform into thisUnknown.Ray Half Robo Hog on FB (Former)
BaiksaṭaraMLPBaiksaṭara is a Firey Pony who has the power of Fire who got it from Princess Celestia herself, his only love interest is on Apple Jack. He's the only Pony who had known the full potenal to Fire and posses himself the Phoenix pony. Despite this He's fast in speed & faster than Rainbow Dash in the air.Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
BrakeFire EmblemBrake is a Character made by Super-Baxter on DeviantART and a Character from Nintendo's tactical RPG game series Fire Emblem. Brake is the son of Ike who nicknamed him "Radiant Son". He is a Swordsman who holds the sword which is named "fregit". The blade of this powerful sword is capable of piercing shields and even allow a quick sucession of rapid slashes with a lot of possible ways to attack. Brake can also Counter to enemies' attacks and finishing them off with flashing blow on the defenseless opponent.Ike's ThemeBaxter Ewers on FB. (RedHero14)
Sigma The Hedgehog
Sigma The HedgehogSonic/DeviantARTSigma is a electrical powered hedgehog who was made by Ask-Sigma on DeviantARTUnknown.Ask-Sigma20011 on DeviantART
Ian Dunman
Ian DunmanSuper NicolasIan is a recurring character in the baxter spin off series, Super Nicolas. Ian is a speedy character who runs fast than other characters and is amazing in ariel game.Unknown.Ian Dunman on DA
Amber Wells Amber Wells Multiple Universes Description for Amber Wells coming soon. Unknown. Amber Wells on FB
Dark Lloyd

(Correct Version coming soon)

Dark Lloyd Tokyo Mew Mew Dark Lloyd is dark being created using the same Magic Mirror Xander Drake uses to genderbend himself. He was created from Lloyd at a young age and also can turn part fox like Lloyd. Dismiss (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep) XavierBronyXIII
Taïls Døll Mêtal Sønic
Taïls Døll Mêtal Sønic Sonic/Five Night's at Freddy's Taïls Døll Mêtal Sønic is a character that crossed over of Sonic and Five Night's at Freddy's (since his job was a security guard via facebook.) Unknown. Robert Marett on FB
Dr. Baxter Ewers
Dr. Baxter Ewers MagiQuest Dr. Baxter Ewers is basically a clone with baxter's moveset except his down ariel, down special and final smash is different than the Original Baxter Ewers has. Dr. Mario Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
Ivo Robotnik
Ivo Robotnik Sonic Ivo Robotnik is a Hedgehog based off on Dr. Eggman in the Sonic series. He posses some Attributies of Sonic himself like his Side Special is Spin Dash since hes a hedgehog in this game. Unknown. Ivo Robotnik on FB
Jon Wilgus
Jon Wilgus Blue Excorist Jon is the blue demon/devil and a Recurring character in the Blue Excorcist franchise. Jon's final smash almost resembles of Link's, He is also the half-brother of Baxter Ewers. Unknown. Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14), made it for Jon Wilgus on FB
Cyber Xavier Drakor Render
Cyborg Xavier DrakorFallout EquestriaDesc. coming soon.Snow No Tears - Devil May Cry 3XavierBronyXIII
Skyler the Hedgefox
Skylar the Hedgefox Sonic the Hedgehog Desc. coming soon

*Psycho Skylar: Devil May Cry 4 - The Time Has Come||XavierBronyXIII

Stephen Perdue
Stephen PerdueMinecraftStephen is a hero from Minecraft who posses his adventure with Creepers. With that said, Stephen's special attacks contains Creepers in most of his attacks.Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
King Ninja
King NinjaPokémonKing Ninja is a Pokémon from Desi De La O who serves as a Shiny Greninja that does a lot of swag things. King Ninja's moveset is a clone of the original Greninja in Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS/Wii UUnknown.Desi De La O/Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
BaxterSuper BaxterBaxter is the main protagonist in the super baxter franchise and serves as Fireball Studios' Mascot. Baxter is a projectilist and a fast character in the game. His moves are similar to those from games like Baxter and the rise of the Hedgehogs 1 and Baxter 2D world.Super Mario Bros. Medley SSB4Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14), his main OC
BlaydeDragonballBlayde is a Saiyan Warrior who is one of the last full blooded Saiyans. He doesn't have many friends though he has a kind heart. Though he kinda has a certain liking towards Pan.Kingdom Hearts II - Passion - KINGDOM OrchestraXavierBronyXIII
WaxterWaxter WareWaxter is yet another Baxter Spin-off Character who stars in his own series, he is Baxter's bitter & greedy rival.WarioWare, Inc.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
Eternally Darkened
Eternally DarkenedMy Little PonyHe is Xavier's darker half born from the same magic mirror that Dark Lloyd was born from. He can use a large assortment of dark magic and spells. He holds the Keyblade, Corrupted Time.Unknown.XavierBronyXIII
SonicBlue Speed
SonicBlue SpeedSonicSonicBlue Speed is a former rival of Mario Segali  & Baxter Ewers and a semi-sonic clone but some of his moves on his own.Unknown.None, was named on FB by a person
MustPokemonMust is one of Desi De La O's Pokemon who is always heavy sleeping, and the one who toys Baxter Ewers alot in her life which she eats him up alot of times.Unknown.Desi De La O on FB
Chapeau NoirUnknown.Lazarus Arc, the legendary dragon rider of Calumon. A prophecy foretold that the birth of the 144th purest descendant of the Arcanian Gods would mark the beginning of the evil Necromites downfall, which Lazarus was obligated to fulfill. Through death, turmoil, war, and love, Lazarus and his fellow warriors fought to the ends of the earth and back to claim the ultimate victory for humanity.Unknown.Chapeau Noir on FB
Alexis Pitts
Alexis PittsChrisitanAlexis Pitts is a daughter to wolves who raised her. After being abonded by her parents, Wolves have taken over and cared for her which then became the girlfriend of Christian Rice later on with him during his adventures.Unknown.Alexis Pitts on FB
StarFire The Wolf
StarFire The WolfTMNTUnknown.Unknown.StarFire-the-Wolf on DeviantART
Xander Mario Render v2 (Transparent)
Xander MarioMultiple Universes Main MarioXander Mario is a swordsman from the future, though every time he jumps through worlds, he changes appearance. Though now he is stuck in his half wolf form. He is the son of Luigi and Rosalina and was trained by the Mario Brothers. He also has a companion he calls Sky Star. And Sky Star follows him everywhere and lends him assistance in Combat. Xander is also the Elemental Guardian/Deity of Light. He even has his wife, Toadfina. Super Mario Galaxy 1 - Final Boss Music XavierBronyXIII
PheonixPokémonPheonix is Must's Taller and Younger Sister who has the same act as Must who heavy sleeps, and also a Semi-Clone to Must (due to a different Final Smash and some moves are different as well.)Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
Stan the Hedgefox Cropped
Stan the AI HedgefoxSonicTBAUnknown.XavierBronyXIII
Śhadow Za Hejjihoggu
Śhadow Za HejjihogguSonicŚhadow Za Hejjihoggu is supposinly to be Shadow but in his Sonic Boom attire.Unknown.None, named on a person on FB
Savier Spiritwolf
Savier SpiritwolfKid Icarus / MLP Savier Spiritwolf is the main protagonist and OC in MLP and Kid Icarus who has the power of Ice. his wings has the ability to have him float in the air as long as he wants Medusa's Final Battle - Kid Icarus Uprising XavierBronyXIII
Queen Ninja
Queen NinjaPokémonQueen Ninja is King Ninja's girlfriend and Fionce who slightly is semi-clone of King Ninja who shares some of the same moves but has some on her own.Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
AntiMatterCreepypastaThis hooded figure keeps his face hidden behind a metallic mask, only revealing his glowing white eyes through the eye-holes. He wears a mysterious pendant around his neck, which bares his personal insignia on the front, and wields a staff that's able to create wormholes with ease.Slender Man SongRobert Marrett
Negative Savier Render
Negative SavierKid Icarus / MLPThe creation of the darkness in Savier's heart. Negative Savier is a tough challenge. And due to them being opposites, he instead has the ability of hellfire rather than ice. His main attack is a stream of flames and his Final Smash is titled "Shadow Angel".Kid Icarus Uprising Hades Infernal ThemeXavierBronyXIII
Dark Baxter Ewers
Dark Baxter EwersMagiQuestDark Baxter Ewers is a character from MagiQuest where he is created when the Mirror of the Future was destroied by Baxter Ewers. He is almost identical to baxter himself but wears black and has red eyes, He also has a more serious and aggressive personalityWrath of the Reset BombBaxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
ArtixArtixArtix is the main protagonist of the Artix the Hedgehog series who fights to save the world from Jerk.Unknown.CD Rice on DeviantART
Princess Denise
Princess DeniseSuper BaxterPrincess Denise is a gothic princess and Baxter's love interest in the Super Baxter Series. Denise posses good ariel game and is dangerous during battle so watch out!Stars In the NightBaxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
MahlarezSuper BaxterMahlarez is one of the 2 daughters of Mahroe in the Super Baxter series. She posses to be a Midtagonist (means between good or bad A.K.A. "Anti-Hero"). her Final Smash has something with her and her sister to attack the opponents together.Unknown.Super-Baxter on DeviantART (RedHero14)
SnowySonicSnowy is Desi's cousinUnknown.Desi De La O on FB
Pinkamena Pinkie Pie
Pinkamena Pinkie PieMLPPinkamena Pinkie Pie is supposinly to be Pinkie Pie with the name of it from FacebookUnknown.None, named by a person on FB (Now Renamed Velvet Aceline)
June Xana Dunbar
June Xana DunbarCode LyokoUnknown.Unknown.June Xana Dunbar on FB
Zoroark and MewFour
Zoroark and MewFourPokemonZoroark is a dark pokemon who posses to tag team up with Mewfour, Mewfour is a Legendary Psychic Pokemon, both are actually Baxstar's PokemonUnknown.Zoroark is not a OC, however MewFour was made by RedHero14 as a Pink Mewtwo
Amanda Suddeth
Amanda SuddethMultiple UniversesUnknown.Unknown.Amanda Suddeth on FB
Legendary Trio
Apollo, Hermes and ZPokemon

The 3 Legendary Pokemon named after gods and one with only one letter.

  • Apollo is a Yveltal who is owned by Baxter Ewers.
  • Hermes is a Xerneas who is owned by Baxstar.
  • Z is a Zygarde who is owned by Snowy.

Despite this Apollo and Hermes are guys, while Z is the only Girl on the Trio.

Unknown. Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
Dark Drakor Render (Transparent)
Dark DrakorSpyro the DragonDark is Xavier's brother. As well as a half dragon being who holds the ability of plasma. He's usually a melee fighter but he could strike with his sword at any moment. Power Star 4 - Sparking XavierBronyXIII
Marrisa Yandell Downs
Marrisa Yandell DownsSonic/Ratchet and ClankUnknown.Unknown.HybridsLilSis on DeviantART
PurayiaFire EmblemPurayia is the daughter of Marth and a frenemy to Brake from Nintendo's tactical RPG series Fire Emblem. She is well named to be "The Princess of Altea", thanks to her skills and speed, she can poses various moves from her father, unlike Brake, Purayia is faster and quick with moves being Brake's frenemy.Unknown.RedHero14
Vandy South Park
VandyZelda/South Park/DeviantARTVandy is a OC made by AskPookeWhutX on DeviantART who posses as a character from the Legend of Zelda and South Park, his moves are different so I suggest you to read some of his forms.Unknown.AskPoookeWhutX on DeviantART
OverLordMagiQuestThe Overlord is the main antagonist in MagiQuest who posses to grab every lost human soul and posses them into monsters. OverLord mostly does the fighting with his Sight where he can cut and use Green Soul Aura to attack.Unknown.Kings Dominion
Sonia The Hedgefox
Sonia The HedgefoxMagiQuest/SonicSonia The Hedgefox was created by SoniaHedgehog24 on DeviantART who is a lost girlfriend of Baxter Ewers and is a bountyhunter who hunts down enemys she sees that are not human, her gun name is "SoniaParalyzer", she is updated in 2014 with black bracelets on her wrists and yellow rings on her red gloves.Unknown.SoniaHedgehog21 on DeviantART
Nicolas Mario
Nicolas MarioSuper NicolasNicolas Mario is somehow a form of Nicolas where his DNA emerged with Mario making himself transform into Nicolas Mario.Unknown.Nicolas Mejia on FB
Bluee Wolff
Bluee WolffTokyo Mew MewUnknown.Unknown.Bluee Wolff on FB
Maka Blackwolf
Maka BlackwolfTokyo Mew MewUnknown.Unknown.Maka Blackwolf on FB
Doggy The Dog
Doggy the DogFive Night's at Freddy'sDoggy the Dog is an Animalectronic who posses to be a Robotic Dog who used to work at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza but was removed due to the fact he scared little children away with his arm being a Chainsaw, which had him taken down, legend says that he's still out there hidden in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza waiting to attack someone with his Chainsaw right hand.Unknown.RedHero14
Zoe Wolf
Zoe WolfSonicUnknown.Unknown.Zoe Wolf on FB
Charm The-vampwolf
Charm The-vampwolfSonicUnknown.Unknown.Charm the-vampwolf on FB
Kurisuti· dadorī
Kurisuti· dadorīMagiQuestKurisuti· dadorī is supposinly the sister of Goddess Denisusureido, She is considered to have some movesets being a Semi-Clone as her sister.Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
StarFire the Transformer
StarFire the TransformerTransformersStarFire is a Autocon who surpasses to be mixed of a Autobot or a Deception.Unknown.StarFire-the-Wolf on DeviantART
FireBladeTransformersFireBlade is a Full Deception who surpasses under the ruler of Megatron, his attacks are fire related and can use the Faiabureido in his moveset.Unknown.Super-Baxter on DeviantART
KawaiiPokemonKawaii is a pink Lucario who is a mother to her Son "Riolu", she is Baxstar's Pokemon and is a very breeth of a fighter, she can be dangerous when evolved into a Mega Lucario as her Final Smash.Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
KC The Echinda
KC The EchindaSonic/DeviantARTKC The Echinda is a "Macro-Sized" Echinda SportsCaster who's various moves are alittle identical to Little Mac's in SSB4, His final smash is where he transforms into his giant form called "Giga KC". he is nicknamed the Macro-Sized Echinda SportsCaster for 1 reason, his final smash makes him giant. He is created by KTE-TNA on DeviantART.Jogging (Punch-Out)KTE-TNA on DeviantART
Sabrina The Hedgehog
Sabrina The HedgehogSonic/MagiQuestSabrina is a hedgehog with 2 mouths in each body part, She is supposinly to be a Half-Sister of Sonia The Hedgefox.Unknown.SoniaHedgehog21 on DeviantART
April Hork
April HorkSonic/Rachet and ClankShe is a human from earth that gets transported into the virtual world. Along the way, she meets Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank. Also, when she got sucked into the vortex sending her to the virtual world, she got turned into an Ottsle because of the reaction.Unknown.HybridsLilSis on DeviantART
Madison Seda
Madison SedaSonicMadison Seda is a purplish pink bat who wears light blue and white shoes. She is supposinly alittle bit identical to Rouge.Unknown.Madison Seda on DeviantART
Kane The Charizard
Kane The CharizardPokemonKane is Baxter Ewers' Charizard who appears to be a taller charizard ("7'0") than all the other ones. Kane is an Anthro one in this game with an outfit on instead, Baxter's original charizard is like the others ones.Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
Nicolas Luigi
Nicolas LuigiSuper NicolasNicolas Luigi is somewhat a form of Nicolas where his DNA emerged with Luigi's creating Nicolas Luigi.Unknown.Nicolas Mejia on FB
Jenny Adan
Jenny AdanSonicJenny Adan is a shark mobian who loves to mess around with everyone. Her most playable friends is Desi De La O, Ray Half Robo Hog, Sean Murphy and Baxter Ewers (2013-2014; 2014-present, returned to be good)Unknown.Jenny Adan on FB
Sean Murphy
Sean MurphySonicSean Murphy is a Fox mobian who is one of the tallest characters in the game despite his height at 8'4.5 Feet tall.Unknown.Sean Murphy on FB
Thorn Hedgecat
Thorn HedgecatSonicThorn Hedgecat is a mobian who acts alittlebit like Scourge the Hedgehog himself.Unknown.Thorn Hedgecat on FB
Amu Hinamori
Amu HinamoriShugo CharaAmu Hinamori is a 4th-party character from the Animated and Manga series Shugo Chara.Unknown.None, She is a 4th Party Character from Shugo Chara
Katie Ostrum
Katie OstrumMultiple UniversesPrincess Katie Ostrum is a human from another dimension who has specific powers of a Mew Mew, Mobian and her Human form.Unknown.Katie Ostrum on FB, made herself in Real Life
BatistaPokemonWARNING! DO NOT GET CONFUSED WITH WWE'S BATISTA!!!! Batista is a Muscular Delphox who is Baxter Ewers' main starter pokemon, he posses a strong delphox, and his girlfriend is Must.Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
Red Arrow
Red ArrowPac-ManRed Arrow is a firey flamed Pac-Man OC who is similar to Pac-Man except he is red, orange and yellow all over him making him another character with moves based only on Fire.Pac-Man Remix themeRedHero14
BralkXenobladeBralk is a Xenoblade Chronicals OC who holds the weapon named the "Furea". The Furea is a weapon that uses different identical attacks from Shulk. It also uses elemental changes to his attacks such as Fire, Water, Grass, Ice, Dark and Electric. He also looks alittle identical to Baxter EwersXenoblade Chronicles MedleyRedHero14
ZachTwokinds A warrior who knows basic magic but is mostly a hand to hand fighter. He can put up a bit of a fight but is more of a magic user, regardless of his little knowledge of magic, he still uses it to learn more about it.Considering he has almost no memory of his past besides his name.Fairy Tail - Fists BlazingXavierBronyXIII
Rudy Drako Mccarthy
Rudy Drako MccarthySonicDesc. Coming soonUnknown.Rudy Drako Mccarthy on FB
Princess Jenay
Princess HaleySuper NicolasPrincess Haley is a character from Super Nicolas who was kidnapped by Daniel acouple of times, which Nicolas and Link had to go out and save her. She is in love to Link CortezUnknown.Nicolas Mejia
DanielSuper NicolasDaniel is the main Antagonist in Super Nicolas who supposedly kidnaps princesses and so it's up to Nicolas to save them.Unknown.Nicolas Mejia
LugiatwoPokémonLugiatwo is Desi De La O's Pokémon and a girlfriend to Apollo the YveltalUnknown.Desi De La O on FB
StarFire The Wolf (Sonic)
StarFire (Sonic)SonicStarFire is a firey wolf who posses moves of fire related. She is a wolf mobian btw.Unknown.StarFire-the-wolf on DeviantART
Normus The Hedgehog
Normus the HedgehogSonicDesc. Coming soonUnknown.Nicolas Mejia on FB
Michael Mejia
Michael MejiaSuper NicolasMichael Mejia is Nicolas Mejia's older brother who minor appears in the series, rarely so he joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate RPUnknown.Michael Mejia on FB
Lars and Sweety
Lars and SweetyDuck HuntLars is a mixed of a Beagle and a Bassit Hound Dog who is always a lazy dog, sometimes he sleeps, often he'll do it all day since hes not pretty active. Sweety is a somehow a Green Cheek bird who assists Lars to attack opponents with claws, wings and even bites.Unknown.RedHero14
BaxrioSuper Baxter/MarioBaxrio is a fusion between Baxter and Mario where they both gained a star & combine with each other during this process.Unknown.RedHero14
GunthigiSuper Baxter/MarioGunthigi is a fusion between Gunther and Luigi where they both gained a star & combine with each other during this process.Unknown.RedHero14
MegaMinxMega ManMegaMinx is a Mega Man X guy who supposes moves off from the Mega man X series, which it is actually Mega man X himself, but it's name is on Facebook.Unknown.None, named after a user on Facebook
Zachary Jacob Cullison
Zachary Jacob CullisonSonicUnknown.Unknown.Zachary Jacob Cullison on FB
Princess Lexi Adams
Princess Lexi AdamsMagiQuestPrincess Lexi Adams is a princess and Baxter Ewers' love interest who goes to school with him, she posses moves based off to Zelda/Peach.Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
Cláudio Carvalho
Cláudio CarvalhoUnknown.Unknown.Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (Redhero14) made it from his Profile Pic
Master DestructionUnknown.Unknown.Unknown.Michael Jones on FB
DelsaSonicDesla is supposinly distant descendant of Desi De La O wearing the same outfit but different identical clothing with each otherUnknown.RedHero14
Zero Maverick-Hunter
Zero-Maverick HunterMega ManZero-Maverick Hunter is supposinly Zero from the Mega Man X series and is a friend to Mega Minx. Zero supposinly uses moves from each Mega Man X game.Unknown.None, made by someone after the character
Mecha Baxter
Mecha BaxterSuper BaxterMecha Baxter is a Robotic clone created by Mahroe and Is supposinly a robot version of Baxter but much larger than him and is more slower but powerful than Baxter himself.Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
ChesterChesterChester is a Mutt between a Golden Retriever and a Chesapeake bay retriever and is Baxter's pet dog in the Super Baxter series.Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14)
KayCee The Echinda
KayCee The EchindaSonic/DeviantARTKayCee is supposinly a Female counterpart to KC himself, She has a different moveset by the way.Unknown.KTE-TNA on DeviantART
Toy Doggy
Toy DoggyFive Night's at Freddy's 2Toy Doggy (or Doggy 2.0) is a New Fan-Made Animalectronic that is a counterpart to Doggy, Unlike the original Doggy, he dosen't have a Chainsaw for his right hand.Unknown.RedHero14
Vanessa the Rabbit
Vanessa the Stuffed RabbitMagiQuestVanessa is a 15-year old stuffed rabbit which baxter had kept for 15 years, she was not seen then after baxter turned 13, Vanessa has the power to turn into her anthro form and can turn in her stuffed animal form as well. She does still be with baxter but rarely now a days.Unknown.RedHero14
Sønic Isāru
Sønic IsāruSonicSønic Isāru is a human version of Sonic himself who posses moves from sonic games, however since hes human there are moves that he cannot do and has some on his own.Unknown.None, made like that on his FB
PaloupousPunch Out!!!Paloupous is a Fan-Made Punch Out!!! OC who posses moves of Little Mac, some of his moves are electric related instead of fire.Unknown.RedHero14
Flare The-Hedgewolf
Flare The-HedgewolfSonicDesc. Coming SoonUnknown.Flare-the Hedgewolf on FB, it was meant to be a Hedgewolf but the render will soon be changed
Alyx Wolfe Hellsing
Alyx Wolfe HellsingSonicDesc. Coming SoonUnknown.Alyx Wolfe Hellsing/Sean Murphy on FB
Isaac VanBuskirk
Isaac VanBuskirkPokémonDesc. Coming SoonUnknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14), made it for her
Xenoba Umbra
Xenoba UmbraUnknown.Desc. Coming SoonUnknown.Xenoba Umbra on FB
Angie Wolf
Angie WolfMultiple UniversesDesc. Coming SoonUnknown.Angie Wolf on FB
Nightsky the WolfSonicDesc. Coming SoonUnknown.Jenny Adan on FB
Mecha Artix
Mecha ArtixArtixMecha Artix is supposinly a Robotic version of Artix himself created by Jerk the Hedgehog. He posses moves from Mecha Sonic himself.Unknown.CD Rice on DeviantARE
Nathan Silverwolf
Nathan SilverwolfEarthDesc. Coming SoonUnknown.Nathan Silverwolf on FB
Sylveonn Faiiry
Sylveonn FaiiryPokémonDesc. Coming SoonUnknown.None, made it for her
Rachel Anne
Rachael AnneSonicDesc. Comming SoonUnknown.Rachel Anne on Facebook
Fliarz the Hedgegoddess
Fliarz the HedgegoddessSuper BaxterFliarz is a Hedgegoddess who is a mother to Baxter who sent him to earth at the age of 17, She is known to have fire related moves like Baxter himselfUnknown.Super-Baxter on DeviantART
Irias the HedgegoddessSuper BaxterIrias is a Hedgegoddess who is a mother to Gunther who sent him to earth at the age of 15, She is known to have Lightning related moves like Gunther himself. Also she is Fliarz's sisterUnknown.Super-Baxter on DeviantART
OverLord Mao
OverLord MaoUnknown.Desc. Comming SoonOverLord Mao on FB
Carry MayVoclaidDesc. Comming SoonUnknownCarry May on FB
Nightmare Acus
Nightmare AcusSonicNightmare Acus is a clone/form of Acus who what it seems when she was brainwashed by Dr. Eggman, she is completely a clone except a different final smash on her own.Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14), this is a form/clone of Acus
Míles PrówérSonicDesc. Comming SoonUnknown.None, made after the character
Sabrina Katchum
Sabrina KetchumPokemonDesc. Comming SoonUnknown.None, made after the character
Rydia MistFinal FantasyDesc. Comming SoonUnknown.None, named after the Final Fantasy character
Rayacus the Hedgegod
Rayacus the HedgegodRayRayacus is the father of Ray Half Robo Hog who fights similar to Ray himself, he's great with air dodging and warping at stuff, he even sometimes uses weapons but he uses his fists all the timeUnknown.Baxter Ewers on FB (RedHero14), made it to support ray's departure on FB
Trent HopeUnknown.Desc. Comming SoonUnknown.Trent Hope on FB, made himself in real life
Goggles Man
Goggles ManMega ManGoggles man is the main protagonist of the game Goggles Man and is a Mega Man OC made by CD Rice on DeviantART. He is a Robot Master made by Dr. Light who fought alongside Flare ManUnknown.CD Rice on DeviantART
Flare Man
Flare ManMega ManFlare Man is supposinly Goggles Man's best friend/partner who often helps out defeating the robot masters beside him, he almost is identical to Proto Man, however he's more identical to Mega Man only fully Red with Yellow at the same time, also has a red cape. He was also made by Dr. Light as a Robot MasterUnknown.Super-Baxter on DeviantART
DrakeZeldaHe was just a normal Lorule citizen until he got a gift from the Hunters, the Dawnbreaker Blade and his Bronze Bow, a sort of Silver Bow knockoff. His armor was also made by the hunters, though the pants kinda wore out faster than they were supposed to. The Dawnbreaker Blade allows him to use abilities not of either Hyrule nor Lorule, but the worlds beyond as well.Lorule Field / Ballad of the GoddessXavierBronyXIII
Cameron GreenUnknown.Unknown.Unknown.Unknown.
BonicSonicBonic is a OC made by Super-Baxter on DeviantART where he was made on the same year as Baxter appears in 2007. Bonic is said to be the greenest hedgehog in the world as he tops up his speed, and abilitys, he has 2 brothers that were revealved in June 2012.Unknown.Super-Baxter on DeviantART
TonicSonicTonic is one of Bonic's 2 brothers made by Super-Baxter. He is supposinly a Orange Hedgehog with 2 Tails, he is almost identical to Tails himself.Unknown.Super-Baxter on DeviantART
KirbnicSonic/KirbyKirbnic is one of Bonic's 2 brothers made by Super-Baxter. Kirbnic is a Blood DNA hedgehog of Sonic and Kirby, he is said to be created after alittle bit of Sonic's Blood and Kirby's Blood had been cut into a DNA Transmitter to create a new hedgehog called Kirbnic.Unknown.Super-Baxter on DeviantART
Alicia Ewers
Alicia EwersMagiQuestAlicia Ewers is Baxter's Future daughter, she is supposinly a catgirl like human who posses powers of ice from the Ice Dragon herself. She is supposinly fast and yet agility but alittle weak.Unknown.RedHero14
Chester the Chestnaught
Chester the ChestnaughtPokémonChester is a Chestnaught under the ownership of Baxter Ewers, he is not apart of his team but is used in the Pokémon box, he appears often but is a pokemon named after the dog. Chester is also supposinly mixed of a Regular and a Shiny Chestnaught.Unknown.RedHero14, only made the skin more shinyer
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer JohnsonSuper NicolasJennifer is supposinly to be a Rosalina like person in the Super Nicolas Series. more of her will be confirmedUnknown.Nicolas Mejia on FB
Savannah Allen
Savannah AllenMagiQuestSavannah is supposinly a beauty and is one of Baxter's best friends throughout the series, she supposinly uses magic from her heart, with any transformation she can use she can transform into, Princess form, Foxgirl Form, Werewolf, and ofcourse warrior form. with all of her forms as her Down Special, her movesets get quietly Buffed of Nerfed at the same time.Unknown.Baxter Ewers on FB, made it for her
Teddie KumaUnknown.Unknown.Unknown.Unknown.
IgnisTokyo Mew MewIgnis is a Mew Mew that resembles the fire element, he is said to be a mew mew with fire powers by his sword known to be called the Ken furea. He's lived in the Netherrealm for 2,000 years in the Netherrealm he often trains to be a more stronger Mew Mew, even though he can also bond with other people very well. He also has the power to transform into a female by bonding another woman's DNA. to let everyone also know that hes a good guy.SSB4 Xenoblade Chronicles theme (Shared with Bralk).Baxter Ewers on FB.
Mecha RayRayMecha Ray is a robotilized version of Ray Half Robo Hog who is slightly taller, yet a robot who acts a lot like ray himself, even though he is strong enough to actually defeat his opponents, except Ray and his friends themselves.Unknown.Rayhedgehog21 on DeviantART
DeviantART Girl
DeviantART GirlDeviantARTAfter the new and approved DeviantART Logo has arrived, a girl known as DeviantART Girl was created by another DA User, she has moves of various arts, Similar to the Wii Fit Trainer from SSB4.Unknown.Meraco on DeviantART.
Matthew Kid
Matthew KidSly CooperDesc Coming Soon!Unknown.Kankan101/Mattacue on DeviantART
Ferrel The Reindeer GodEarthFerrel is a Reindeer God who had lived in a Forest for about 800 years, He protects it from harm, His only main goal is to have fun and protect his Animal Citizens from Hunters themselvesUnknown.Super-Baxter on DeviantART
Taylor The HedgehogSonicTaylor is Baxter The Hedgehog's Sister who acts crazy on her own ways, She is a protector of Ice elements yet her powers are off of IceUnknown.Super-Baxter on DeviantART
Devon The HedgehogSonicDevon is also known as Bombbastichog on DeviantART but the OC was made by Super-Baxter, anyways Devon is a Hedgehog who has a hard life sometimes, he acts similar to Shadow as well, he is the protector of DarknessUnknown.Super-Baxter on DeviantART
Denise The Echinda
Denise The EchindaSonicDenise, the mother to Baxter The Hedgehog himself, is a Powerhouse and Muscle Echidna of the series. She is also the Protector of Muscle and Power, with that being said she has Tattoos on her as well!Super-Baxter on DeviantART
Baxter The Hedgehog
Baxter The HedgehogSonic/Artix/Super BaxterBaxter The Hedgehog, the protector of Flare and Fire, also Artix's Best Friend, he is a Hedgehog who can be a lot crazy but even smart on his own,He does have trouble with life sometimes but he's been in fights a lot to keep world at peace.Unknown.Super-Baxter on DeviantART
DarkachuPokémonDarkachu is the Phantom Dark/Electric Mouse Type created after Pikachu Took some blood to Donate to the Secret Identical team of Team Dark. once he was Created, he is a Super Hidden Weapon for the Team as well, he is effected by Fighting, Bug and Fairy Types.Unknown.RedHero14
Hermes The Hedgegod
Hermes The HedgegodSonicHermes is one of the 3 Main HedgeGods from MegaSonic20 himself, He is the God of Messenger even Bow and Arrows. Which his Standard Special is the Bow and Arrow itself from an ImageUnknownMegasonic20 on DeviantART
Sierra The HedgehogSonicSierra is a Hedgehog who is the Protector of Love and Hate, She is supposinly a Girl in Baxter's Neighbor Hood who is more active that than anyoneUnknown.Super-Baxter on DeviantART
Darkflames The HedgheogSonic/DarkskyDesc. Coming SoonUnknown.Darkflames on Facebook
J.C. The HyenaSonicJ.C. is the One of the Major Antagonists to Baxter, he is a Hyena who acts very crazy without a Doubt a Hyena who can Scare or Terrilize Opponents, He has the power to shrink people in his Final Smash and crush them if he is nearby anyoneUnknown.MrJCHyena on DevinatART/
Thomas BurgessPokemonUnknown.Unknown.Thomas Burgess on FB
ChelseaTokyo Mew MewChelsea is a Tiger Mew Mew that is skilled in Climbing, running and great at attacking, She is a Mew Mew that can be a bit clumsy sometimes but she's very responsible at what she is doing, Recently she had a baby who is a Mew Mew as wellUnknownZoe Hanson on FB
QazetUnknownQazet is a Eagle Warrior who uses powers of his Wings and Feathers.UnknownTomas Burgess on FB
SolarisMLP:FiMTBAUnknownLt-Ace on Tumblr
Pepper Sayian Cat
Pepper Sayian CatDragonballUnknownPepper Sayian Cat on DeviantART
Itachi Burnintheflames UchihaofsharinganUnknown.Unknown.UnknownHimself
Kawaii LinkZeldaUnknown.Unknown.Name after Link from Zelda
Jet HarrisEarthUnknown.Unknown.Jet Harris on FB
Laura the Hedgehog
Laura the HedgehogSonicDesc Coming SoonUnknownZoe Hanson/Amber Wells on FB
Nightflare DrakeThe HuntersNightflare Drake, He’s fairly calm and polite, but is easily angered and sometimes has an urge to kill things that harm his loved ones if you piss him off enough. He’s violent when angered but never harms his friends.UnknownDustin White on FB
SpringTrapFive Night's at FreddysSpringTrap is a new antagonist in the next upcomming game  "Five Night's at Freddys 3". He fights hand to hand combat, He uses his jaw for his standard special called "Crunch" and it's similar to Wario's Chomp

DLC CharactersEdit

Character Name Universe Description Character's Official Theme
GuntherSuper BaxterGunther is Baxter's younger and twin brother who is shy and quite a little weaker brother. Gunther posses some various moves shared with Baxter making him a Semi-Clone. He costs 200 points to download him from Smash Shop.Luigi's mansion Medley SSB4
Flash Drako (Human) Render
Flash DrakoAsk the HuntersFlash is Xander Drake's cousin and is the elemental deity of wind. His abilities are based off of the wind 100%. He is part of the Hunters DLC.Knight of the Wind by Crush 40
Skylar the YoshiAsk the HuntersSkylar is a Yoshi who is close friends with Xander Mario. Though he isn't really high in power or defense, his agility makes up for it. And in crisis mode (flashing red/100%+), he gets a major boost in strength and defense. He is part of the Hunters DLC.Yoshi's Island (SNES) Final Boss Theme
DianciePokemonDiance is a legendary pokemon who is nicknamed "Princess Diancie". Diancie will be a Bonus Downloadable since the move "Diance and the Cocoon of Destruction" will be released in the USA on November 8th, 2014.Unknown
Sparky the DogFive Night's at Freddy'sUnknown.Unknown.

Amiibo FiguresEdit

It is confirmed that there will be Amiibo Figures of Each Character, same thing with Skylanders, Disney Infinity and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/ Wii U.

Amiibo Logo
Roster 1
Baxter Ewers
Lloyd Drako
Mario Segali
Rebecca The Hedgehog
Nicolas Mejia
Zoe Hanson
Older Tails Prower
Faith Wagner
Xavier Drakor
Amiibo Logo
Roster 2
Desi De La O
Amber Wells
Ian Dunman
Link Cortez
Xander Mario
Amiibo Logo
Roster 3
Ray Half Robo Hog
Nicolas Mario
Dr. Baxter Ewers
Savier Spiritwolf

There is a total of 30 Amiibo's in the waves 1 through 3 as of right now.

  • Bold means Unlockable Character


Stage Name Universe Description
Freddy Fazbear's PizzaFive Nights at Freddy's

A stage based off on the game Five Night's at Freddys where they fight in all the rooms when they change on they're own, you start off in the guard's room, then to the Stage, then at the Party room and last in Pirate Cove, you can also Knock out the Animalectronics while fighting.

Theme: Five Nights at Freddys by TLT

Final DestinationSuper Smash Bros.

Final Destination is the simplest stage in the game, only one hard platform with no other gimmick or hazard and no other platform, thanks to this, it is one of the preferred stages for competitive play tournaments.

BattlefieldSuper Smash Bros.

Battlefield is a basic stage that consists of one hard platform and three hovering pass-through platforms, there is no hazard in this stage. As matches are taking place, the sky changes to dawn, midday, dusk and midnight.

Theme: Battlefield (3DS / Wii U)

Mario GalaxyMario

Characters are fought on Good Egg Galaxy as the Starship Mario in the background flies around with lumas watching the fight.

Twilight Town
Twilight TownKingdom Hearts

Twilight town takes a place similar to Fourside Town in Melee.

Theme: Tension Rising (plays after the sunset btw)

Goblin King's LairMagiQuest

Goblin King's Lair bases off on the fight scene where the player encounters the Goblin King, however the Goblin King does not make no apperance in the stage, it is suppost to be the stage of his throne with the gold in the background. Goblin king was later revived to be an "Assist Trophy" character

Theme: To be added

Cyniclon ShipTokyo Mew Mew

The very same arena that Zoey faced Deep Blue in. Though how it exists, they're actually in Lloyd's memory of the place with the help of Castle Oblivion. Deep Blue is standing still, watching the whole battle. And the hazard is that after a while, he'll flash in and out, striking people at random. So better finish it fast or he'll finish it himself!

Theme: Mew Zakuro Transformation Music

Land of DepartureKingdom Hearts

The Land of Departure is a world in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. During the battle, Master Eraquis and Master Xehanort are watching. Occasionally, Ven, Terra, and Aqua will fly by on their Keyblade Gliders.

Theme: Dark Impetus

Wily Castle
Wily CastleMega Man

Wily Castle is a Stage designed off Mega Man 2, when players have a match there, they are met with the Yellow Devil multiple times & the way to defeat the Yellow Devil is to attack it's eye, when making the last blow, it will self-destruct like the smart bomb.

Dragon's Lair
Dragon's LairMagiQuest

The lair home based of Charlock the Dragon himself, players must fight in there & sometimes in the middle of a match, Charlock awakens & is revived a Boss character on the stage, the only way to defeat him is to Ice him with Freezey and attack him, Charlock is familiar to the Yellow devil on the Wily Castle stage.

Theme: To be Added.

N's Castle
N's CastlePokemon

N's Castle  is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate RP. Reshiram and Zekrom can appear and attack in ways that affect the stage, while Shaymin (in its Sky Forme), Whimsicott, and Milotic can appear on the stage without attacking. The stage itself appears to be based on its incarnation in Pokémon Black and White. N's Castle can appear with steps protruding from it, changing the layout of the stage

Theme: N's Castle

SidervilleSuper BaxterSiderville is a hometown of Baxter that can be unlocked after defeating him.
Temple of the Elements
Temple of the Elements Ask the Hunters

This is an arena where all the Elemental Emeralds are located, the 7 temples in the background are where they are. The hazard is that randomly, the main platform will fall when the core stops glowing. You should get onto one of the semi-transparent platforms. And the Smash Ball will always appear around the Gold Platform.

Theme: Chaos Legion - Darkness City

Nightmare Zone
Nightmare ZoneChristian Nightmare Zone is the home of Alexis Pitts which she was raised by black wolves that had given her to transform into one.
Prism Tower
Prism TowerPokémonDescription to be added.
Spear Pillar
Spear PillarPokémonSpear Pillar is a location in the Pokémon series located in the Sinnoh region. Its debut was in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions and Dialga and/or Palkia can be captured there.
The Void
The VoidAsk the HuntersThe Void is sortof like a prison for those that are too dangerous for any other prison. This stage has no platforms, just infinite blankness. It's Hazard is that occasionally, shadows will warp to random areas of the arena and run after the nearest Player/CPU and attack them. The shadows are black forms of the current roster's characters. Theme: Forze dell'Oscurita - Kingdom Hearts BBS
Xander Mario's HomeAsk the Hunters

This is Xander's House, it may not look like much but it's actually a sort of flattened planet. This is his home and where he trains most of the time. This also acts as a safe haven due to the fact it's 2,000 miles above Mount Everest's peak altitude-wise. It's far above the courtyard of Peach's Castle. When you're in this stage, items appear slightly more frequently than what you set it to. The hazard is that occasionally, a burst of energy will appear from nowhere and fire itself like an arrow at the nearest player/cpu.

Theme: TBA

Minecraft WorldMinecraft

Minecraft world takes place on a standard area where it switches from Day to night, when night happens you can attack Creepers, Skeletons, Enderman, Zombies, but if you hit a Zombie Pigman multiple come rushing at you dealing high damage, familiar with the Cuccoos?? yep that'll be it right there.

Theme: TBA

Reset Bomb Forest press image
Reset Bomb FortressKid Icarus

Reset Bomb Fortress is a stage from Kid Icarus Uprising. The stage begins in a castle-like area with two main platforms that are separated by a pit, which has a wooden soft platform in the middle to decrease the danger of early KOs. Above and to the right of it are two similar platforms, one above the other. After approximately a minute, Viridi appears in the distance, dropping a massive Reset Bomb in the background. The explosion engulfs the stage, destroying the castle and creating a white flash. In the aftermath, the players are inside the titular forest that the bomb created, and what appears to be the ruins of the castle can be used as erratic platforms, most of which are destructible. A Lurchthorn can be seen flying near the lower blast line, which hurts players that touch it. After about a minute, the stage is reset to the original castle.

Theme: Wrath of the Reset Bomb

File:Dark Realm.png|thumb|centerDark RealmAsk the Hunters

The Dark Realm is Eternal's home. This place is what sustains the Elemental Emerald of Darkness. It is a long stage that is 300x200 sq ft. There is two platforms that are actually fountains of darkness. They're blasting up powerful enough to carry you though if you touch them from the side, they hurt you. In between them is a staircase leading to an Altar where the Dark Emerald rests. The background is of a blood red sky with dark grey stormclouds. And the creepy thing is, there is never any sun or moon, only a never ending hurricane. The hazard is occasionally the hurricane will blast at the arena in an attempt to protect the Dark Emerald.

Theme: Theme - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

ConvexitySpyro the DragonThe place where Spyro battled Cynder. In the end, Spyro won, freeing Cynder from Malefor, and the portal turned into a black hole, destroying this realm. Though thanks to Dark, he can still visit this place from Castle Oblivion, and he can also use it as an arena.

Theme: Cynder Boss - The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

Gaur PlainXenoblade

Gaur Plain originates from Xenoblade Chronicles. It is a location within the greater Bionis' Leg area. Shulk and his friend Reyn traverse this area to get to the Bionis' Head. The gigantic figure seen in the distance is the Mechonis, another location in the game; however, the Mechonis is more distant in the background than it was in Xenoblade Chronicles. Metal Face appears at night, attacking the players with claws and laser beams. He can be KO'd by attacks.

Mario Circuit MK8
Mario CircuitMario

Mario Circuit is a new stage based on the course of the same name from Mario Kart 8. The stage takes place on a set of platforms that move around the track, and will stop certain parts of the track, similar to Mute City, Port Town Aero Dive, and the 3DS-exclusive Mario Kart stage Rainbow Road (All from SSB4). Shy Guys drive around the track, a reoccurring theme in the Mario Kart tracks.

Temporal Tower
Temporal Tower Pokemon

Temporal Tower is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It is the home of Dialga and has, in total, 24 floors (13 being of Temporal Tower, ten of Temporal Spire, and the Temporal Pinnacle). In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, the Temporal Tower can be revisited in the Special Episode In the Future of Darkness starring Grovyle. In the Special Episode, Temporal Tower is shown to have collapsed in the future.

Theme: TBA

Five Night's at Freddy's 2
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza 2 Five Nights at Freddy's 2A stage based off on the sequel of Five Night's at Freddy's, Where you can go to each room you want to fight in, This is the only stage where you can run in 3-D all around it when told to, but it's in 2-D so you'll have a chance to go to all rooms. You can also knockout the Animalectronics too like you can KO Bonnie, Bonnie 2.0, Foxy, Foxy 2.0, Chika, Chika 2.0 & You can fight the stage hazard Golden Freddy as a boss.

Diamond Domain
Diamond DomainPokémon Lies the powerful Heart Diamond twhich has served as the kingdom's source of energy and maintained the Ore Country for centuries. Many Carbink live in Diamond Domain, including their princess - the Jewel Pokémon, Diancie, who created the Heart Diamond. Diancie no longer has the power to control the Heart Diamond and her country is falling into chaos as a result. Also a Yveltal (Not Apollo the Yveltal) makes an appearance as a stage hazard from the movie.
Bowser's Castle
Bowser's CastleMarioBowser's Castle is a lava filed area consisting 3 platforms to walk on, the Lava is a hazard so becareful, also make sure you also avoid the Thwomps that come crashing down on the left or right platforms (not the center).


Pac-Maze is an 8-bit Stage similar to 75m, Mario Bros. and Balloon fight. It depicts the traditional Pac-Man maze as several platforms. Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde appear to move around the stage in their 8-bit forms, and coming in contact with one causes damage. As such, players can toss opponents into the ghosts to perform combos.Pac-Dots and Bonus Fruit appear on this stage and can be consumed for points. Pac-Dots do not disappear until consumed, and reappear fairly frequently and in large quantities; Bonus Fruit appear rarely and one-at-a-time, disappearing quickly if not consumed. Touching Pac-Dots and Bonus Fruits from the stage consumes them; Pac-Dots yield 1 point, while all Bonus Fruit yield 10. Collecting 100 points will make a Power Pellet appear somewhere on the stage that blinks between white and that player's color, with a pointer above them indicating the player it is for (this pointer disappears when that player generates another Power Pellet). A player can have many Power Pellets uncollected at once. Occasionally, a generic Power Pellet will appear on the stage that can be consumed by any player; these blink between white and black and do not have any pointer above them.Consuming a Power Pellet provided by the stage makes the player flash in their color (which is based on player's colors even with CPUs), boosting that player's attack power and turns the ghosts blue for that player (akin to Pac-Man). Touching the ghosts under the effect of the Power Pellet will make them disappear, leaving only their eyes behind; if a ghost is eaten such that only its eyes remain, it will flee from the stage then return whole (although still under the effect of the Power Pellet for that player until it wears off, unlike in Pac-Man). Ghosts will only appear blue on the screen for whoever has the Power Pellet's effect; other players will still be damaged by the ghosts. When the player's Power Pellet is about to wear off, ghosts blink between blue and white. A player's Power Pellet can be destroyed by opponents' attacks, preventing them from obtaining it. 

Central HighwayMega Man

Central Highway is a Mega Man X Stage from the Mega Man X series. it takes place on three hard platforms with two narrow gaps between the platforms that could hinder the recovery of some characters

  • Theme: TBA
South ParkSouth Park

The South park stage takes place at the town and the bus stop is there as well.

  • Theme: TBA
WWE Ring

The WWE Ring is a stage based from the WWE series. the stage switches when first playing it, similar to Spear Pillar with Monday Night RAW and Friday Night Smackdown on each separate ways.


Pyrosphere is a significant area in Metroid: Other M. The stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate RP is based on the area of Pyrosphere, named the Geothermal Power Plant, that Samus Aran would encounter and battle Ridley. This area's appearance in Other M is mostly the same as it is in Smash 4; the bridge that Ridley burns down, the magma-eruption port that Samus destroys to light the area, and the hole in the wall that Ridley creates while escaping are all in their post-battle state in Smash 4, though the hole has been moved slightly to the right and there is another hole to the right of the door for unknown reasons. Also, the four floating platforms of the stage are not present in Other M. Ridley is confirmed to be a Boss Character/Stage Hazard.

Luigi's MansionMario

Luigi's Mansion is a stage that consists of Players to fight in a Mansion whether they want to go in or go out, You can also knock down the house if you hit the pillars. Once all pillars are knocked down the House is destroyed until it can regenerate back again.

Kalos Pokémon LeaguePokémon

The Kalos Pokémon League is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate RP (Also in SSBWiiU). The Stage is based off on the Elite Four Phase from Pokémon X and Y. The stage features the four chambers of the Kalos Pokémon League: the Blazing Chamber, Dragonmark Chamber, Ironworks Chamber, and Flood Chamber, as well as the Main Hall. The stage enters each chamber one at a time before reverting back to the Main Hall, at which point it chooses another chamber and the process continues. Various Pokémon cameo in the background of the different Chambers, matching the type specialized by the trainer fought there. Occasionally, a Legendary Pokémon will appear in one of the chambers, taking the place of the other Pokémon, and instead form additional stage hazards. You will also encounter boss fight with RAYQUAZA!!!!

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and WizardryHarry Potter

The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is divided into four houses, each bearing the last name of its founder: Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin. Houses at Hogwarts are the living and learning communities for its students. Each year a group of a certain house shares the same dormitory and classes. The houses compete throughout the school year, by earning and losing points for various activities. The house with the most points wins the House Cup. Each house also has its own Quidditch team that competes for the Quidditch Cup. These two competitions breed rivalries between the houses, the greatest of which is that between Gryffindor and Slytherin.

Skull FortressMega Man

Skull Fortress is a stage that consists with small flat platforms around the stage, Enemies such as Dr. Wily's Robot Enemies, some Robot Masters appear as well.

The NetherrealmTokyo Mew Mew

The Home of Ignis, a world where the skies are red, orange and yellow in a firey place, mostly everything is darkened except some for Players to see well, Waterus, Ignis' Enemy appears as a Stage Hazard/Boss Character with Water Powers, only characters like Paloupous can defeat him with Electrical related Moves.


Ponyville is a town or Village that all of the Cast of MLP live, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and a few others will be in the background walking around, sometimes they watch, when it gets dark, All the Ponys will sometimes run away and hide since it'll be time for a Boss Battle with Nightmare Moon!!!, once she arrives, she will be bigger than every player using moves such as shooting out stuff and even doing moves from the series itself. Defeat her with characters that can Light up which means Fire, or grab a Starman and defeat her, Once shes defeated she'll turn back to Luna in her normal size and will walk off, if Baiksatara is there, there is a short cutscene were she talks to him for saving her.

  • Theme: TBA

Onett is the hometown to Ness. It consists of two buildings on the far right and left, and a series of unstable awnings in the center. The awnings in the center of the stage will eventually give way, if enough players jump onto it. The awnings will be reset after a short period of time. On occasion, an exclamation point (in both Melee and Brawl) will appear onscreen, signifying that a car or van will pass by the bottom of the stage. These can hit the player(s) or opponent(s), so they should be avoided or guarded against. Characters can only be KO'd off either side of the stage or the top of the stage, as there are no drop-off points on this stage.

  • Theme: TBA
GamerWarioWare Inc.

Gamer is a stage based off on Game and Wario's minigame "Gamer", the stage is set in 9-Volts Room specifically on his desk. Occasionally, 9-Volt's mother 5-Volt will enter the room and look for fighters. Her line of sight is represented by a beam of light, which fighters can escape by hiding behind furniture. If 5-Volt spots a fighter, she will get mad and deal 20% damage and high knockback. She can appear in the doorway (occasionally opening it again) , window (occasionally smashing it and she will occasionally go back to the window), TV (occasionally jumping out of it and walking around to spot a fighter), or, if the stage is set a certain way she will appear from a gaming pad or picture from an easel. Fake-outs can also appear.

  • Bold means Unlockable


Items fall from random places around the stage.

Item Name Universe Description
Smash BallSuper Smash Bros.The Smash ball allows the player to use their's final smash after they shatter it.
Assist Trophy
Assist TrophySuper Smash Bros.The Assist Trophy summons characters that'll harm other players or summon items.
BumperSuper Smash Bros.When a player touches an activated bumper, they get bounced with much force in the direction away from the bumper.
FoodSuper Smash Bros.Players can recover by eating food.
Super Mushroom
Super MushroomMarioThe Super Mushroom grows any character that touches it increasing their damage power and making them heavier.
Poison MushroomMarioThe Poison Mushroom shrinks any character that touches it reducing their damage power and making them lighter.
Fire BarMarioa Sword of Fireballs that loses acouple if hit with only standard A.
StarmanMarioA Power-up where you are Invincible and are much stronger to hit on opponents
Lighting BoltMarioA Item that when it is touched, characters will Shrink down to size, sometimes it grows them into Incredible Size Rarely!
Green ShellMarioAn Item that can be thrown and hit the Opponent with Incredible speed, It can KO an Opponent at over 100% too!


These are the Pokémon that have been confirmed to be released from Poké Balls.

Pokémon Name Move Description
ChespinSeed BombChespin releases a flurry of explosive seeds.
AbomasnowBlizard; Ice PunchAbomasnow creates powerful gusts of snow around its body. Those within its range are trapped. Abomasnow will launch trapped opponents with Ice Punch.
SnorlaxBody SlamSnoarlax will jump off the stage but will come back falling down on people
GoGoatTake DownGogoat will charge & ram people
SquirtleHydro PumpSquirtle shoots out Hydro Pump to push people away from the stage
MeloettaEchoed VoicesMeloetta attacks with sound waves that bounce across the stage.
DarkraiDark VoidDarkrai causes nearby oppponents to fall asleep. As they sleep, their damage percentage gradually increases as a result of Darkrai's Bad Dream ability.
VictiniVictory StarVictini will boost the attack power of its summoner.
GenesectTechno BlastGenesect fires a beam from the cannon on its back. The blast can break through walls.
MeowthPay DayMeowth will hurl coins in a horizontal trajectory and will switch the direction it's oriented to face opponents.
MissingnoErrorMissingno will be a glitch at first but will extend it's size as the Blue Screen of death covers the screen for 10 seconds.
GroudonOverheatGroudon's heated body damages opponents who come in contact with it. Although mostly stationary while summoned, it's large bulk makes it difficult to avoid.
Latias and LatiosSteel WingOne of the two Eon Pokémon is summoned and flies off screen. It will them shoot across the stage in tandem with the Eon Pokémon that was not summoned. Interestingly, Latios and Latias have a high frequency of being spawned despite being considered Legendary Pokémon in their own franchise. They are the successors to Unown.
TorchicFire SpinStrong flames radiate from Torchic.

Actual RosterEdit

Roster List
Baxter Ewers Roster Card Desi De La O Roster Card Lloyd Drako Roster Card Mario Segali Roster Card Rebecca Rebecca Roster Card Nicolas Mejia Roster Card Dark Lloyd Roster Card Ian Dunman Roster Card Zoe Hanson Roster Card Amber Wells Roster Card Dustin Roster Card Older Tails Prower Roster Card Taïls Døll Mêtal Sønic Roster Card
Acus Roster Card Dr. Baxter Ewers Roster Card Link Cortez Roster Card MegaMan Roster Card Faith Wagner Roster Card Ivo Robotnik Roster Card Jon Wilgus Roster Card Xavier Drakor Roster Card Cyborg Xavier Drakor Roster Card Stephen Perdue Roster Card Skyler the Hedgefox Roster Card Gumball Roster Card King Ninja Roster Card
Super Baxter Roster Card Blayde Roster Card Cosmicpool Roster Card Artemis Gale Roster Card Waxter Roster Card Eternally Darkened Roster Card Mario Flame Roster Card SonicBlue Speed Roster Card Must Roster Card Xander Drake Roster Card Chapeau Noir Roster Card Matthew West Roster Card Alexis Pitts Roster Card
Christian Rice Roster Card StarFire The Wolf Roster Card Xander Mario Roster Card Pheonix Roster Card Stanley the AI Roster Card Baxstar Roster Card Denisusureido Roster Card Ray Half Robo Hog Roster Card Rayia The Hedgehog Roster Card Śhadow Za Hejjihoggu Roster Card Savier Spiritwolf Roster Card Baiksaṭara Roster Card Queen Ninja Roster Card
AntiMatter Roster Card Negative Savier Roster Card Brake Roster Card Dark Baxter Ewers Roster Card Sigma The Hedgehog Roster Card Artix Roster Card Princess Denise Roster Card Mahlarez Roster Card Snowy Roster Card Pinkamena Pinkie Pie Roster Card June Xana Dunbar Roster Card Zoroark and MewFour Roster Card Amanda Suddeth Roster Card
Apollo, Hermes and Z Roster Card Dark Drakor Roster Card Marrisa Yandell Downs Roster Card Purayia Roster Card Vandy Roster Card OverLord Roster Card Sonia The Hedgefox Roster Card Nicolas Mario Roster Card Bluee Wolff Roster Card Maka Blackwolf Roster Card Doggy The Dog Roster Card Zoe Wolf Roster Card Charm The-vampwolf Roster Card
Kurisuti· dadorī Roster Card StarFire the Transformer Roster Card FireBlade Roster Card Kawaii Roster Card KC The Echinda Roster Card Sabrina The Hedgehog Roster Card April Hork Roster Card Madison Seda Roster Card Kane The Charizard Roster Card Nicolas Luigi Roster Card Jenny Adan Roster Card Sean Murphy Roster Card Thorn Hedgecat Roster Card
Amu Hinamori Roster Card Katie Ostrum Roster Card Batista Roster Card Red Arrow Roster Card Bralk Roster Card Zachary Roster Card Rudy Drako Mccarthy Roster Card Princess Jenay Roster Card Daniel Roster Card Lugiatwo Roster Card Starfire The Wolf (Sonic) Roster Card Normus the Hedgehog Roster Card Michael Mejia Roster Card
Lars and Sweety Roster Card Baxrio Roster Card Gunthigi Roster Card MegaMinx Roster Card Zachary Jacob Collison Roster Card Princess Lexi Adams Roster Card Cláudio Carvalho Roster Card 50px Delsa Roster Card Zero-Maverick Hunter Roster Card Mecha Baxter Roster Card Chester Roster Card KayCee The Echinda Roster Card
Toy Doggie Roster Card Vanessa Roster Card Sønic Isāru Roster Card Paloupous Roster Card Flare The-Hedgewolf Roster Card Alyx Wolfe Hellsing Roster Card Isaac VanBuskirk Roster Card Xenoba Umbra Roster Card Angie Wolf Roster Card 50px Mecha Artix Roster Card Nathan Silverwolf Roster Card Sylveonn Faiiry Roster Card
Rachel Anne Roster Card Fliarz the Hedgegoddess Roster Card 50px Overlord Mao Roster Card 50px Nightmare Acus Roster Card 50px Sabrina Katchum Roster Card 50px Rayacus the Hedgegod Roster Card 50px Goggles Man Roster Card Flare Man Roster Card
Drake Roster Card 50px Bonic Roster Card Tonic Roster Card Kirbnic Roster Card Alicia Ewers Roster Card Chester the Chestnaught Roster Card Jennifer Johnson Roster Card Savannah Allen Roster Card 50px Ignis Roster Card 50px DeviantART Girl Roster Card
Matthew Kid Roster Card 50px 50px 50px Denise The Echinda Roster Card Baxter The Hedgehog Roster Card Darkachu Roster Card Hermes the Hedgegod Roster Card 50px 50px 50px 50px Chelsea Roster Card
50px 50px 50px 50px Pepper Sayian Cat Roster Card 50px 50px 50px 50px Spyre Roster Card
DLC Roster List
Gunther Roster Card 50px 50px 50px 50px 50px 50px 50px 50px Jewel Roster Card 50px 50px 50px
50px 50px 50px 50px Diancie Roster Card 50px 50px 50px 50px Evil Jewel the Cat Roster Card Shadow Doggy Roster Card 50px Shadow Baxter Roster Card

There is a total of 176 Characters in this game.
There is a total of 26 Characters for DLC.
Note: Diance is a bonus DLC, since the move Diance and the Cocoon of Destruction Movie is coming on November 8th, 2014.

Demo RosterEdit

Demo Roster
Baxter Ewers Roster Card Lloyd Drako Roster Card Mario Segali Roster Card Zoe Hanson Roster Card Older Tails Prower Roster Card MegaMan Roster Card Xavier Drakor Roster Card Mario Flame Roster Card Xander Drake Roster Card Matthew West Roster Card
  Baxstar Roster Card Ray Half Robo Hog Roster Card Pinkamena Pinkie Pie Roster Card Bluee Wolff Roster Card Zoe Wolf Roster Card April Hork Roster Card Amu Hinamori Roster Card Red Arrow Roster Card  

The Demo is being in works by XavierBronyXIII! he'll send you the link to try it out

How to UnlockEdit



Character Universe How to unlock Unlock Location Vs. Match Required Music
Ian Dunman Super Nicolas Play 10 vs. matches as Nicolas Mejia Unknown. 10 Unknown.
Amber Wells Multiple Universes Get a Trophy from the DBZ, TMNT, Code Lyoko, Kingdom Hearts and Tokyo Mew Mew Universes, then play a match as Zoe Hanson Unknown. 20 Unknown.
Dark Lloyd Tokyo Mew Mew Complete Classic mode all 3 times as Lloyd Drako. Cyniclon Ship 34 Unknown.
Taïls Døll Mêtal Sønic Sonic Complete Classic mode as Older Tails Prower Unknown. 39 Unknown.
Dr. Baxter Ewers MagiQuest Complete Classic mode as Baxter Ewers Unknown. 48 Unknown.
Cyborg Xavier Drakor Fallout Equestria Complete Classic mode as Lloyd Drako and Xavier Drakor (any order) Unknown. 67 Unknown.
Ivo Robotnik Sonic Complete Classic Mode on Hard or higher Unknown. 78 Unknown.
Jon Wilgus Blue Exorcist Complete Event Match #10 with no continues on Hard. Unknown. 91 Unknown.
Skylar The Hedgefox Sonic the Hedgehog Complete Classic on Hard without dying as Lloyd Drako Unknown. 120 Unknown.
Stephen Perdue Minecraft Reflect 500 Projectiles. Unknown. 140 Minecraft Dubstep
King Ninja Pokémon Complete Classic Mode as Desi De La O on a higher level than 6.0 N's Castle 160 N's Castle Medley
Baxter Super Baxter Play a total of 10 hours of matches, Complete Classic mode with 10 Characters. Siderville 200 Super Mario World Koopa Castle (OC Remix) *
Blayde Dragonball Unknown. Uknown. 221 Unknown.
Waxter WaxterWare Beat 100 Man Smash Unknown. 250 WarioWare Inc.
Eternally Darkened My Little Pony Beat Classic mode on hard with Xavier and then beat him in the Temple of the Elements. Temple of the Elements 266 Unknown.
SonicBlue Speed Sonic Unknown. Unknown. 288 Unknown.
Must Pokémon Play on Adventure Mode as King Ninja or Baxter Ewers on higher than 8.0 Prism Tower 310 N's Castle*
Chapeau Noir Unknown. Unknown. Unknown. Unknown. Unknown.
Alexis Pitts Christian Play Classic Mode as Christian on a higher level than 9.0 Nightmare Zone 331 Unknown.
StarFire The Wolf Sonic Play on Adventure Mode as Christian Rice, Alexis Pitts or Baxter Ewers on a higher level than 9.0 Nightmare Zone 345 Unknown.
Xander Mario Multiple Universes Beat Adventure Mode as Xander Drake on a higher level than 5.0 and beat him in the Land of Departure. Land of Departure 365 The Other Promise
Phoenix Pokémon Complete Event Match #30 "Delphox and Human" on any Difficulty as Must Spear Pillar 380 N's Castle*
Stanley the AI Sonic Beat Adventure Mode with Hard as both Xanders in any order then beat him. The Void 400 Deep Anxiety - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
Śhadow Za Hejjihoggu Sonic Clear Adventure mode as SonicBlue Speed on 9.0 without a continue Unknown. 410 Unknown.
Savier Spiritwolf Kid Icarus/MLP Unknown. Unknown. 430 Unknown.
Queen Ninja Pokémon Unknown. Unknown. 450 Unknown.
AntiMatter Creepypasta Unknown. Unknown. 470 Unknown.
Negative Savier Kid Icarus/MLP Clear Adventure Mode with Savier on Normal Dark Realm 490 Sadness and Sorrow
Dark Baxter Ewers MagiQuest Clear Adventure Mode with 30 characters on any difficulty Reset Bomb Fortress 510 Wrath of the Reset Bomb
Artix Artix Unknown. Unknown. 530 Unknown.
Princess Denise Super Baxter Unknown. Unknown. 545 Unknown.
Mahlarez Super Baxter Unknown. Mahroe's Castle 570 Unknown.
June Xana Dunbar Code Lyoko Unknown. Unknown. 600 Unknown.
Apollo, Hermes and Z Pokémon Complete Event match #60 "Legendary's of the world" Team Flare's Hideout 620 Unknown.
Dark Drakor Spyro the Dragon Unknown. Convexity 630 Unknown.
Marrisa Yandell Downs Sonic/Ratchet and Clank Unknown. Unknown 650 Unknown.
Purayia Fire Emblem Complete Classic Mode 10 times as Brake on Hard Unknown. 680 Unknown.
Vandy Zelda/South Park Use 4 AI Baxter Ewers in a match. South Park 700 Unknown.
OverLord MagiQuest Complete Boss Battles on Intense with a Character. Unknown. 750 Unknown.
Maka Blackwolf Tokyo Mew Mew Unknown. Unknown. 790 Unknown.
Doggy the Dog Five Night's at Freddy's Complete "5 Survival nights" Event with any character on hard. Unknown. 822 Unknown.
Charm The-vampwolf Sonic Unknown. Unknown. 844 Unknown.
KC The Echinda Sonic Unknown. Unknown. 888 Unknown.
Sabrina The Hedgehog Sonic/MagiQuest Unknown. Unknown. 900 Unknown.
Nicolas Luigi Super Nicolas Unknown. Unknown. 918 Unknown.
Jenny Adan Sonic Unknown. Unknown. 926 Unknown.
Sean Murphy Sonic Unknown. Unknown. 944 Unknown.
Thorn Hedgecat Sonic Unknown. Unknown. 960 Unknown.
  • Bold means unlockable stage
  • "*" only song to play when trying to unlock Baxter, Must and Pheonix

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Assist Trophy CharactersEdit


Game Modes Edit

Classic ModeEdit

Classic mode is a 1P mode that serves as the successor to the 1P Game of Super Smash Bros.. The two modes are virtually identical in order; however, certain changes have been made. In the original, the player fought in a predetermined order: the player would always fight a specific character at a certain stage in a fixed order under static conditions. In Melee, randomization elements were introduced - the battles and the order in which they are take place are, for the most part, completely random.

Training ModeEdit

Training Mode is a mode available where the player can manipulate overall gameplay of a match and experiment with the CPU without the restrictions of a standard match. As implied by its name, Training Mode is intended to allow players to use characters in a non-serious setting; all matches within the mode are actually Time matches of infinite length, as seen on the Jumbotrons featured in the Pokémon Stadium stages and with the Pokémon Trainer's comments when using Pokémon Change. Unusually, the Stale-Move Negation is not present in the mode for Brawl.

Boss BattleEdit

Boss Battles is a mode where the player has to fight all certain bosses in the game. No Tabbu is not in this game sorry... just Bosses from each series is all in the fight.

Adventure ModeEdit

Adventure mode is a fun mode where the player can go to various different universes for certain missions.

Smash RunEdit

SSBURP is also including Smash Run, Enemies such as the Goblin Guards from MagiQuest, Egg Robos from Sonic the Hedgehog, The Plushies from Five Night's at Freddy's and Etc.

Enemy Name Universe Description
Goblin GuardMagiQuestThe Goblin Guards are enemies in Smash Run that attack with there fists, some of them use swords and weapons as well.
Egg RobosSonicEgg Robos are the enemies from Sonic the Hedgehog that fly around shooting at players
PlushiesFive Night's at Freddy'sPlushies, they can be cute but in this game, they will sit idley to try to trick the player into thinking of cute, however they will jump the player to attack them.

Boss Characters/Stage HazardsEdit

Boss Name Universe Description Stage Boss Theme
Dragon's Lair
Charlock the Red DragonMagiQuestCharlock is a Selfish Dragon and a Boss from MagiQuest who posses to keep Gold and Jewels & makes a threat to the innocent people, however he is defeated if you use the Rune of Freezing and the Ice Arrow at him. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate RP, he is asleep in the background until he wakes up and flies to the stage & starts shooting out Fire at the players, he is defeated if you throw a Freeze then shoot a Projectile at him.Dragon's LairUnknown.
Yellow Devil
Yellow DevilMega man Yellow Devil is a gigantic robot, the first combat robot created by Dr. Albert W. Wily, originally appearing as a fortress boss in the first Mega Man game. Its body consists of yellow goo-like shape-memory parts that can dismantle and fly across the screen to attack his enemies. Its only weak point is its red eye.Wily CastleUnknown.
Tael Drake (Copy)Sonic This Tael is a copy made by Eternally Darkened to destroy the Hunters and their allies, he looks exactly like Tael besides the glowing red eyes. He has all of Tael's abilities though can turn into a dark version of his Dragohog form after you defeat him once. He will then be very fast and fairly strong. About as much of a challenge as fighting both Master Hand and Crazy Hand on Hard Mode. He's easily defeated by Fire Based attacks, so using Xander Drake or Baxter is recommended. Temple of the Elements Unknown.
Glitched (True Form)
Glitch STAN CopySonicThis is a copy of Stan created by Eternal, though he proved to be too powerful to control. Glitched as he is now known stole data of Stan into himself, making him more powerful. He can make his body parts fly off, walk on walls, fly, and if you let his energy meter charge up, he'll temporally go beyond Hyper Form, he'll go into his Elemental Deity form. In his Elemental Form, he'll be using chaos control and at the end, use chaos blast to try and finish you off, though you can dodge it, as well as his Chaos Arrows and Chaos Spear. Fighting him with a fast character such as Xander Mario, Xander Drake, Sonic BlueSpeed, or Cosmicpool is recommended. The Void Unknown.
RegigigasPokemonRegigias is a Boss Pokémon character who is to be the True Leader of the Golem Trio. His moves are Hyper Beam, Crush Grip, Giga Impact and Zen Headbutt. He is the biggest Boss character ever in the game there are Platforms for you to get a higher look at him to defeat him better despite being at the height of 12 feet tall. Only characters with great ability such as Baxter Ewers, Lloyd Drako and etc. are able to defeat him.Prism TowerUnknown.
OrneKid IcarusTBAReset Bomb FortressUnknown.
Convexity Xavier
Convexity XavierSpyro the DragonBorn when his parents were killed by Eternally Darkened, Xavier entered this form at an unusually young age. This form was born from pure rage and anger, destroying anyone who stood in his way of revenge with his cursed Convexity Breath. Convexity Xavier is like the Spyro version of Xavier's heartless form. This form was said to have been destroyed completely by the Light Emerald, it instead split Xavier into two. One normal, the other being the Convexity half. Then Convexity Xavier soon escaped to Dante's Freezer. Though he was frozen for a long time there, the force of the world almost ending was enough to reawaken him. Though Convexity Xavier is now seeking to spill the blood of anyone he sees. He may be violent as hell, he still knows all the necessary survival skills like hunting. He is quite the warrior and also would be a nice addition to the hunters if he wasn't killing all he sees. Convexity Xavier was later nicknamed Convex by Dark to avoid confusion between him and the original Xavier.Convexity
Metal Face
Metal FaceXenobladeMetal Face is Shulk's nemesis and the main antagonist from the Xenoblade universe. Metal Face is a stage hazard who will Claw and shoot laser beams at the players, he can be KO'd by all attacks. He will only appear at night.Gaur PlainUnknown.
Primal Dialga
Primal DialgaPokemonPrimal Dialga is actually Dialga after losing control of its ability to manipulate time due to the collapse of the Temporal Tower. In this form, it is also incapable of logical reasoning or showing mercy, only seeking self-preservation and preventing time from flowing properly. The player must return the Time Gears to the tower to restore the flow of time, calm down Dialga, and prevent the future where darkness rules. Temporal Tower Unknown.
Golden Freddy
Golden FreddyFive Nights at Freddy'sGolden Freddy is one of the five antagonists and a special animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy's. He is a secret, golden version of Freddy Fazbear who appears in The Office after a certain sequence of events are triggered. Golden Freddy will Run around slashing and kicking the player as well as Trying to cause different images to flash on screen for split seconds along with the words "IT'S ME". He only appears at Night only. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza 2 The Living Tombstone Five Night's at Freddy's
Nightmare MoonMy Little PonyNightmare Moon is an evil entity that arose after Princess Luna was transformed by jealousy and bitterness. Luna had noticed that the ponies she and her sister, Princess Celestia, ruled over played all day but shunned the night. After transforming into Nightmare Moon, the evil mare attempted to bring about eternal night. However, Celestia used the Elements of Harmony to imprison Nightmare Moon into the moon. 1000 years later, Nightmare Moon would be released, and arrived in Ponyville to once again bring about eternal night. However, Nightmare Moon would be defeated once and for all when Twilight Sparkle and her friends collectively wielded the Elements of Harmony against her. The Elements purged the evil and reverted Luna to her true form. Ponyville Unknown.
Primal Yveltal
Primal YveltalPokemonPrimal Yveltal is supposinly Yveltal from the upcomming movie "Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction". It uses moves such as Shadow Ball, Fly, Skull Bash, Phantom Force, it can Claw the opponent and then use it's signature move "Oblivion Wing" if someone is hit, they will slowly be turned to stone and get KO'd via Stoned. Diamond Domain Unknown.
RidleyMetroidRidley is the main antagonist in the Metroid series whose role in the series is supposinly to be the main leader/ highest ranking space pirate that Samus aran has to battle. IN SSBURP Ridley can scratch opponents around himself and does all of his moves from SSBB. however theres a new move he can do, if he gets energy underneath the stage he will become Meta Ridley, as he can stick his tail through the stage KOing opponents.PyrosphereVs. Ridley Metroid Other M
WaterusTokyo Mew Mew Waterus is the Biggest enemy and the Antagonist to Ignis, all of his moves resembles Water, so it's hard for Ignis to defeat him in the Tokyo Mew Mew series, although Ignis still wins with Fire, Waterus uses moves based off of Water and fights similar to Tabuu for example he'll appear in the background to shoot out Water Energy Waves, even he can unleash a Massive Water Energy Beam at Opponents, use Characters who have Electrical Moves to defeat him!The NetherrealmUnknown.
The CoreSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate RP The Core is a Final Boss in Classic mode after beating Master Hand on 5.5 or Higher, He has many various forms such as Core Giant, Core Stab, Core Clone, Core Beast, Core Defender, Core Brawler then at 9.0 Core Fortress. After Defeating him, he's just a Human heart that can be knocked off the stage, if he is not knocked back he will shoot out huge waves with high knockback.Final Destination (Only in Classic Mode) Master Core Theme
Jaxson's Lingering DarknessKingdom HeartsWhen Jaxson sealed away his memories of Jasmine using a card, the Lingering Darkness was created. His abilities are powerful and he attacks relentlessly.WastelandDread of Night - Kingdom Hearts 3D

Tier Ranks V.01Edit

Number Name Universe Tier Rank
1SonicBlue SpeedTBAS
2King NinjaTBAS
3Mew Dust/ Dustin WhiteTBAS
4Older Tails ProwerTBAA
5Lloyd DrakoTBAA
6Amber WellsTBAA
7Baxter EwersTBAA
9Chapeau NoirTBAB
10Skylar the HedgefoxTBAB
11Mario SegaliTBAB
13Xander DrakeTBAC
14StarFire The WolfTBAC
15Xavier DrakorTBAC
17Stephen PerdueTBAC
18Desi De La OTBAC
19Matthew WestTBAC
21Xander MarioTBAC
22Dark LloydTBAC
23Nicolas MejiaTBAC
24Link CortezTBAC
26Zoe HansonTBAD
27Jon WilgusTBAD
28Faith WagnerTBAD
29Stanley the AI HedgefoxTBAE
30Rebecca The HedgehogTBAE
31Ian DunmanTBAE
32Artemis GaleTBAE
33Cyborg Xavier DrakorTBAE
34Eternally DarkenedTBAE
37Ivo RobotnikTBAF
38Taïls Døll Mêtal SønicTBAG
39Christian RiceTBAG
40Mario FlameTBAG
41Alexis PittsTBAG
43Dr. Baxter EwersTBAG

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