Super Mushroom
Super Mushroom
Universe Mario
Item class Transformation
Description Makes you giant-sized.
The Super Mushroom  is an item that debuted in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It is slightly brighter than its opposite, the Poison Mushroom, and has a happier disposition. It also has the opposite effect of the Poison Mushroom; the Super Mushroom enlarges its users and makes them stronger, whilst the Poison Mushroom shrinks and weakens them. The Super Mushroom effect lasts about ten seconds, and has the following effects on gameplay:
  • Makes the character, and their hitboxes and hurtboxes, bigger.
  • Character becomes 1.6x heavier, decreasing knockback.
  • Attacks deal more damage (more so in Brawl than in Melee) and knockback.
  • Thrown items go farther and deal more damage.
  • Slightly increases jump height.
  • Increases falling speed.
  • Slightly increases running speed.
  • Longer landing lag when using aerial attacks.
  • Increases size of ledge sweetspot.
  • Shortens recovery in Melee.
  • The character's sound effects and voice become lower pitched. This does not affect gameplay, however.
  • Makes the character return back to normal if touched by a Poison Mushroom.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate RPEdit

The Super Mushroom makes a apperance as the first Mario item in the game (the second being the Poison Mushroom) when touched, the character who touched it grows in size for about 40 seconds instead of 10. there power, speed & strength increases when touched.


  • Acus is the only character to be the tallest when touching a super mushroom.