Pac-Man Worlds Collide
Universe Pac-Man
Availability Starter
Weight Class Light
Final Smash Super Pac-Man, Ghost, Ms. Pac-Man
Tier C (34)
Pac-Man is a playable character in Worlds Collide.


Pac-Man is a balanced character with every of his moves to be from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U.


These are Pac-Man's moveset as of right now.

Name Damage Control Description
Neutral Attack A Button, A Button, A Button
Forward Tilt A Button Side Tilt/Side Tilt 2
Up Tilt A Button, Up Tilt
Down Tilt A Button, Down Tilt
Dash Attack A Button
Side Smash A Button, Smash
Up Smash A Button, Up Smash
Down Smash A Button, Down Smash
Neutral Ariel A Button 
Forward Ariel A Button, Side Tilt
Back Ariel A Button, Side Tilt 2
Up Ariel A Button, Up Tilt
Down Ariel A Button, Down Tilt
Grab Z Button
Pummel Z Button
Forward Throw Smash
Back Throw Back Smash
Up Throw Up Smash
Down Throw Down Smash
Floor Attack (Front) A Button
Floor Attack (Back) A Button
Floor Attack (Trip) A Button
Edge Attack (fast) A Button
Edge Attack (Slow) A Button
Neutral special Bonus Fruit 10% B Button Pac-Man summons 8-bit fruits up over him, if its lefted down it'll witch to Galaga ship.
Side special Power Pellet 10% per chomp B Button, Smash Pac-Man creates a dot of lines to catch the palette, then transforms into his 8-bit form & chomps his way there.
Up special Pac-Jump - B Button, Up Smash Pac-Man transforms into his 8-bit self again & summons a trampoline underneath him bouncing up, if its red, pac-man could go helpless.
Down special Fire Hydrant 9% if the hydrant is punched. B Button, Down Smash Pac-Man summons a Fire Hydrant underneath him and can shoot out water at the opponents pushing them back, Pac-Man can also punch or kick the Hydrant at the Opponents.
Final Smash #1 Super Pac-Man 25% B Button Pac-Man simultaneously eats a Power Pellet and a Super Pellet to transform into his classic two-dimensional form and grow larger. He then can move about to catch and eat foes. Any opponent eaten becomes floating eyes as they get knocked back.
Final Smash #2 Ghost 15% if hit B Button Pac-Man summons Inky, Blinky, Clyde and Pinky as they surround the whole stage moving around, anyone hit will get knocked back hard.
Final Smash #3 Ms. Pac-Man 30% B Button Ms. Pac-Man does the same as Super Pac-Man.

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