A Final Smash (最後の切りふだ Saigo no Kiri Fuda, Final Trump Card) is a special attack in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and in Super Smash Bros. 4. Final Smashes are incredibly powerful in comparison to most other attacks, generally leaving the user invincible for the move's duration (the periods vary from character to character), are generally unblockable, and, if properly executed, usually have the capacity to KO at least one opponent. Final Smashes performed correctly will give the player a great advantage, and may help to catch up to others or cement a commanding lead. Many Final Smashes also temporarily slow down stage elements, such as platform movements and motions in the background. It should be noted that the camera during all Final Smashes (save for two of them) zooms in on the character performing one at the beginning juncture. To perform a Final Smash, a player must first either destroy a Smash Ball or fall sufficiently far behind that they are given a "Pity Final Smash". Once either of these happen, the player's character will be engulfed in a multi-colored aura; pressing the special move button in this state will trigger the Final Smash. However, as with any other item, a character with the Smash Ball collected may randomly drop it whenever damaged, which will then cause the Smash Ball to fly out of the character and return to play. Only one Smash Ball or Final Smash can be present on-screen at any given time.


  • Directional - These Final Smashes launch an attack in a single direction. Depending on the Final Smash, the direction can be controlled, while others are fixed. This kind of Final Smash has a blind spot, usually behind the attacker, where targets can hide.
  • Focused - These Final Smashes affect nearby opponents in any direction. Targets can avoid the move by getting out of range, so they're most effective on smaller stages.
  • Trapping - These Final Smashes attack a certain area, grab anyone inside said area (or just a single character), and lay down an inescapable beating. They generally have a small initial range and will fail if there are no targets caught.
  • Stage-Wide - These Final Smashes affect the whole stage, leaving little or no hiding spots. However, they may be less effective on larger stages due to the manner in which they stretch out.
  • Transformation - These Final Smashes only affect the user, who can then rampage around and cause damage. Some transformations buff up the character's existing moveset, while others use a different set of controls. Most transformations leave the user immune to damage and most status effects.

List of Final Smashes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate RPEdit

These are the Final Smashes as of right now.

Character Final Smash Type
Baxter Ewers 5 Crystal Rune Trapping
Desi De La O Metal Desi Transformation
Lloyd Drako Angelic Armor Transformation
Mario Segali Mario Finale Directional
Nicolas Mejia Super Nicolas Finale Transformation/Directional
Rebecca The Hedgehog Mega Werehog Transformation
Zoe Hanson Mew Aqua Drops Stage-Wide
Ian Dunman Ian.EXE Transformation
Amber Wells
  • Transformation
  • Unknown.
  • Unknown.
  • Unknown.
  • Unknown.
Dark Lloyd Demonic Blade Limit Focused
Mew Dust/ Dustin White Spirit Stone Drive Transformation
Older Tails Prower Super Tails Transformation
Taïls Døll Mêtal Sønic Tails Doll Curse Stage-Wide
Acus Giant Acus Transformation
Dr. Baxter Ewers Dr. Exam Trapping
Link Cortez Poltergust Focused
MegaMan Megaman Special Trapping
Faith Wagner Furry Stampede Focused
Ivo Robotnik Egg Emperor Transformation
Jon Wilgus Excorcist Slash Trapping
Xavier Drakor Elemental Fury: Lightning Storm Stage-Wide
Cyborg Xavier Drakor Key to Destruction Stage-Wide
Skylar the Hedgefox Shadow of the Sky Stage-Wide
Stephen Perdue Creeper Storm Stage-Wide
King Ninja Secret Ninja Attack Trapping
Baxter Fire Blast Directional
Gumball Final Claw Directional
Blayde Transformation
Cosmicpool Elemental Fury Level 4: Goddess Transformation Transformation
Artemis Gale Artemis Blossom Focused
Waxter Waxter Man Transformation
Eternally Darkened Chaos Fury Stage-Wide
Mario Flame Phoenix Finale Directional
Must Sunny Day Stage-Wide
SonicBlue Speed Super Sonic Transformation
Xander Drake Elemental Fury: Inferno Stage-Wide
Chapeau Noir Dragonforme Transformation
Matthew West Crucio Directional
Christian Rice Super Christian Transformation
Alexis Pitts Wolf Lexi Transformation
StarFire The Wolf Paradise Lost Trapping
Xander Mario Elemental Fury: Light of the Sun Stage-Wide
Pheonix Blue Arrow Directional
Stan the AI Hedgefox World 36-1 Stage Wide
Baxstar Magma Storm Directional
Denisusureido Goddess Light Trapping
Ray Half Robo Hog Mega Werehog Transformation
Rayia The Hedgehog Sneaky Werehog Trapping
Śhadow Za Hejjihoggu Chaos Blast Directional
Savier Spiritwolf Windigo Unleashed Stage-Wide
Baiksaṭara Flame Rocket Stage-Wide
Queen Ninja Secret Ninja Attack Trapping
AntiMatter Black Hole Trapping
Negative Savier Shadow Angel Transformation
Brake Limit Break Aether Trapping
Dark Baxter Ewers Dark Baxter Staff Directional
Sigma The Hedgehog Dark Sigma Transformation
Artix Super Artix Transformation
Princess Denise Dragon Princess Transformation
Mahlarez Twin Magic Trapping
Snowy Shadow Ghost Trapping
Pinkamena Pinkie Pie Cupcakes Trapping
June Xana Dunbar Unknown. Unknown.
Zoroark and MewFour Transformation/Focused
Amanda Suddeth Unknown. Unknown.
Apollo, Hermes and Z
  • Stage-Wide
  • Unknown.
  • Focused
Dark Drakor Convexity Form Transformation
Marrisa Yandell Downs Unknown. Unknown.
Purayia Critical Hit Directional
  • Transformation
  • Trapping
OverLord Nightmare Cemetary Trapping
Sonia The Hedgefox Starship Stage-Wide
Gunther Thunder Wave Stage-Wide
Nicolas Mario Mario Item Posse Directional
Bluee Wolff Unknown. Unknown.
Maka Blackwolf Unknown. Unknown.
Doggy the Dog Golden Chainsaw Transformation
Zoe Wolf Unknown. Unknown.
Charm The-vampwolf Unknown. Unknown.
Kurisuti· dadorī Unknown. Unknown.
StarFire the Transformer Unknown. Unknown.
FireBlade Fire Cut Directional
Kawaii Mega Kawaii Transformation
Alexavier Drakor Unknown. Unknown.
Altex Drake Fairy Form Transformation
Crystal Earthquake Elemental Fury: Earthquake Barrage Stage-Wide
Darken Rokard Elemental Fury: Black Hole Stage-Wide
Darklight Reishine Unknown. Unknown.
Flash Drako Elemental Fury: Tornado Stage-Wide
James the Wolf Unknown. Unknown.
Jaxson Drakor Unknown. Unknown.
Jewel the Cat Unknown. Unknown.
Nightflare Drake Unknown. Unknown.
ShadowColt Reishine Seperation Attack Focused
Shadowmare Hellpony Door to Hell Stage-Wide
Skylar the Yoshi Blade Barrage Focused
Skylight Reishine Unknown. Unknown.
Snowstorm the Arctic Wolf Unknown. Unknown.
Tael Drake Elemental Fury: Arctic Freeze Stage-Wide
KC The Echinda Giga KC Transformation
Sabrina The Hedgehog Unknown. Unknown.
April Hork Unknown. Unknown.
Madison Seda Unknown. Unknown.
Kane The Charizard Mega Charizard Y Transformation
Nicolas Luigi Unknown. Unknown.
Jenny Adan Unknown. Unknown.
Sean Murphy Weapons of Fate Focused
Thorn Hedgecat Unknown. Unknown.
Amu Hinamori Unknown. Unknown.
Katie Ostrum Unknown. Unknown.
Batista Batista Bomb Trapping
Red Arrow Super Fire Red Arrow Transformation
Bralk Element Barrage Focused
Diancie Diamond Storm Directional
Zach Black Mana Barrage Focused/Stage-Wide
Rudy Drako Mccarthy Unknown. Unknown.
Princess Haley Haley Megastrike Stage Wide
Daniel Giga Daniel Transformation
Lugiatwo Oblivion Wing Directional
StarFire (Sonic) Dark StarFire Transformation
Normus the Hedgehog Super Normus Transformation
Michael Mejia Sword Arrow Directional
Lars and Sweety N.E.S. Zapper Posse Trapping
Baxrio Spirit Fireball Stage-Wide
Gunthigi Negative Fireball Stage-Wide
MegaMinx Hyper X Transformation
Zachary Jacob Cullison Unknown. Unknown.
Princess Lexi Adams The Rune of Shooting Directional
Cláudio Carvalho Unknown. Unknown.
Master Destruction Unknown. Unknown.
Delsa Metal Delsa Transformation
Zero-Maverick Hunter Zero Knuckle Directional
Mecha Baxter Fire Tornado Trapping
Chester Super Dog Transformation
Sparky the Dog Unknown. Unknown.
KayCee The Echinda Giga KayCee Transformation
Toy Doggy Five Night's at Freddy's 2 Gameplay Trapping
Vanessa the Stuffed Rabbit Unknown. Unknown.
Sønic Isāru Super Sonic Transformation
Paloupous Electrical Star KO Trapping
Flare The-Hedgewolf Unknown. Unknown.
Alyx Wolfe Hellsing Unknown. Unknown.
Isaac VanBuskirk Trolling Posse Trapping
Xenoba Umbra Unknown. Unknown.
Angie Wolf Ultimate Wolf Transformation
Nightsky the Wolf Giant Wolf Form Transformation
Mecha Artix Earth Punisher Trapping
Nathan Silverwolf Unknown. Unknown.
Sylveonn Faiiry Unknown. Unknown.
Rachael Anne Unknown. Unknown.
Fliarz the Hedgegoddess Fire Combination Stage-Wide
Irias the Hedgegoddess Lightning Strike Directional
OverLord Mao Unknown. Unknown.
Carry May Unknown. Unknown.
Nightmare Acus Bad Dream Crush Trapping
Míles Prówér Unknown. Unknown.
Sabrina Katchum Unknown. Unknown.
Rydia Mist Unknown. Unknown.
Rayacus the Hedgegod Mega Explosion Focused
Trent Hope Unknown. Unknown.
Goggles Man Goggle Special Trapping
Flare Man Flare Special Trapping
Rednax Ekard Unknown. Unknown.
Lea Ekard Unknown. Unknown.
Shadow Xavier Mario Unknown. Unknown.
Evil Jewel the Cat Unknown. Unknown.
Shadow Doggy Dark Chainsaw Transformation
Shadow Bralk Dark Barage Focused
Shadow Baxter Shadow Blast Directional
Drake Triforce Dawnbreak Barrage Stage-Wide
Cameron Green Unknown. Unknown.
Bonic 23 Rings Directional
Tonic Mysterious Hedgefox Trapping
Kirbnic Ultra Sword Trapping
Alicia Ewers Snowfall Torture Stage-Wide
Chester the Chestnaught Wood Hammer Trapping
Jennifer Johnson Invinciable Magic Blast Directional
Savannah Allen Magic Bubble Focused
Teddie Kuma Unknown. Unknown.
Ignis Flare Furea Transformation
Mecha Ray Unknown. Unknown.
DeviantART Girl Art Blast Directional
Matthew Kid Unknown. Unknown.
Ferrel The Reindeer God God's Stomp Stage-Wide
Taylor The Hedgehog Unknown. Unknown.
Devon The Hedgehog Element Mode: Galaxia Break Stage-Wide
Denise The Echinda Element Mode: Earthquake Focused
Baxter The Hedgehog Element Mode: Fire Blast Directional
Darkachu Dark Volt Tackle Transformation
Hermes The Hedgegod Hermes Staff Directional
Sierra The Hedgehog Unknown. Unknown.
Darkflames The Hedgheog Unknown. Unknown.
J.C. The Hyena Hyenazilla Transformation
Thomas Burgess Unknown. Unknown.
Chelsea Unknown. Unknown.
Qazat Fiery Eagle Directional
Pepper Sayian Cat Super Sayian Pepper Transformation
Itachi Burnintheflames Uchihaofsharingan Unknown. Unknown.
Kawaii Link Triforce Slash Trapping
Jet Harris Unknown. Unknown.
Laura the Hedgehog Unknown. Unknown.
Spyre Crystal Gen Finish Trapping

Competitive Play Edit

In tournaments, all items are turned to off and none, including Smash Balls. This means that Final Smashes do not appear in tournaments. While there has been some dispute in the past whether Smash Balls should be the only item turned on, due to resembling the "super move" concept of more traditional fighting games, the general consensus is that Final Smashes are heavily detrimental to competitive play. Just like with other items, the appearance and spawn location of a Smash Ball is random, which can lead to a player gaining a large advantage from just being in the right place at the right time. Most Final Smashes are also considered to have disproportionate power; simply using one competently will result in massive damage if not a clean KO of the opponent, accomplishing in seconds what could take several minutes for the opponent to match. The immense power of Final Smashes is also exacerbated by the frequent appearance of Smash Balls (which will spawn about every 30 to 45 seconds no matter what frequency the items are to appear), which heavily centralizes the match on "getting the Smash Ball" rather than outplaying the opponent. Finally, the loading time required before a Final Smash actually becomes available to a character is somewhat random and invisible to players, so one may end up using a neutral special for no apparent reason and possibly providing the opponent a free opportunity to counter. Because items are turned to off and none, and tournament rules specify only 3 stock (or sometimes even less), Pity Final Smashes also do not appear in tournaments. One might argue that allowing Pity Final Smashes would allow a badly beaten player to stage a comeback, as they do not appear at random like Smash Balls do. However, this can only happen in a match of at least 6 stocks, which is considered to be way too high for tournaments (taking a very long amount of time to complete matches), and competitive players generally consider an element designed solely to aid a worse-performing player to be anti-competitive and thus detrimental to competitive play. Smash Balls (and thus Final Smashes) are confirmed to maintain similar if not identical mechanics in Super Smash Bros. 4. As a result, it is unlikely that Final Smashes will be a factor in competitive play.


  • There's a lot of transformation Final Smashes.