What are Assist Trophies? Edit

An Assist Trophy (アシストフィギュア, Assist Figure) is an item introduced in Super Smash Bros. Brawl that, when grabbed, summons a random Nintendo or third-party character to quickly aid the holder. Assist Trophies work nearly identical to Poké Balls. However, no Pokémon come out of them, and once an Assist Trophy is grabbed, it is automatically activated, assuming the holder is standing on the ground, and not in a jump, attack, or hitstun. Some Assist Trophies must be unlocked in order to be used, such as Isaac from Golden Sun. Unlike the Poké Ball, this can be eaten by those such as Kirby and King Dedede's Inhale and Munchlax.

In Brawl, only one Assist Trophy (and the character it releases) can be in a match at once. The next Assist Trophy will not appear until the data for the character it will release is fully loaded. This appeared to not be the case in Super Smash Bros for Wii U.

Assist Trophies Edit

Character Name Universe Description
Mew Sky
Skylar Reishine/ Mew SkyTokyo Mew MewShe's the other half of Lloyd Drako and is also willing to help in any way she can. Her attack is pretty much just using her ability of light to dispell the darkness temporarily. So in other words, no needing to deal with hazards every 5 seconds for a whole 30 seconds! There will be a timer at the top showing how long the hazards are gone before they reappear again and you have to deal with them again.
Goblin KingMagiQuestGoblin King is a Boss character who had stolen the Princesses' jewls from her castle where the player must defeat him with the lightning rune. Goblin King will run around shooting people with his thunder blast from his wand.
Pac-ManPac-ManPac-Man will be summoned in his 2-D pizza form where he goes around the stage while chomping, if anyone is hit, he/she will have great knockback.


  • Snowy used to be an Assist Trophy but now she is switched to Playable instead.