5 Crystal Rune
5 Crystal Rune Final Smash
User Baxter Ewers
Type Trapping
Effect Baxter shoots out the portal rune, if anyone gets caught in it they are met with crystals surrounding them which Baxter fires a laser at it as the crystals charge up & shoot rapidly at the opponents.
5 Crystal Rune (5クリスタルルーン, 5 Kurisutarurūn, 5 emeralds) is Baxter Ewers' Current Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate RP and the 3rd Final Smash in Worlds Collide. It starts off of Baxter shooting out the Portal Rune at the Opponents from his Flame Wand, if anyone gets sucked in the Final Smash starts with a cutscene where the opponent is in the silver dragon fight where they are surrounded by 5 crystals Red, White, Blue, Yellow and Purple as Baxter stands front he edge combining all of the Runes from MagiQuest and shooting a large beam at the Crystals to fire at the opponents which create massive damage up to 150%.


5 Crystal Rune is 5 crystals that do surround the Silver dragon during magiquest, the player must follow the pattern of it before it's too late, also use the rainbow shield to protect yourself when messed up.